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How to Visualize Your Golf Shots

In order to get the most out of every performance learning how to visualize your golf shot will be crucial. When done correctly, it can put you in the right golf state of mind. Visualization doesn’t require any type of physical skill to learn. However, it can be one of […]

How to Hit a Punch Shot The Right Way

There are many difficult shots in golf that you’ll need to learn how to master. But choosing the right shot isn’t as easy as it may seem, especially for the beginner. For many golfers, even those with plenty of experience, learning how to hit a punch shot can be a […]

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Why Are Golf Ball Dimples Important?

One of the most frequently asked questions by beginners and seasoned golfers alike is why are golf ball dimples important? The best golf balls will feature a dimple pattern that’s designed to get your ball up in the air and go the distance. But what role do the dimples really […]

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How to Change Your Golf Swing

Most golfers are able to easily change their swing after an in-depth analysis, using careful thought, with determined goals in mind. Learning how to change your golf swing isn’t easy, but I’ve included some simple guidelines that you can follow that can help you implement some important changes that can […]

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How to Reduce the Backspin on Your Drive

Having too much backspin on your drive can end up costing you accuracy and distance. Learning how to reduce the backspin on your drive will help you to optimize your driver spin, however, it’s worth noting that making contact on the face can have a huge bearing on how much […]

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Golf Distance Control Tips

The simplest and most common way that the low-handicapper is able to gain several shots per round is by following golf distance control tips. When it comes to putting and the short game, distance control is much more important than direction. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do […]

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How to Hit 30 to 80 Yard Pitch Shots     

Learning how to hit 30 to 80-yard pitch shots is the goal of any golfer. This type of hitting power and accuracy isn’t learned overnight. It takes practice and dedication. If you’re struggling with pitch shots and hitting off fifty-yard, seventy yard, and eighty-yard shots, then you’ve come to the […]

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Tips for a Consistent Golf Swing

The ability to predict where your ball will land when you hit it is the key to a lower score. The more consistent your swing is, the easier it’s going to be to predict. However, if your mind is full of thoughts regarding your posture, grip, and other technicalities of […]

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Golf Course Etiquette

In the world of golf, golf course etiquette tends to involve more than just following a set of manners. More often than not, it’s a matter of safety. Additionally, etiquette also has to do with your pace of play, which can have an impact on the other players who are […]

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Putting Drills to Boost Your Confidence On the Course

Many players dread putting. In fact, beginners tend to avoid practicing their putting skills at all costs, but doing so can have a huge impact on your score. While respected by low handicappers, putting is usually overlooked by the casual golfer. But why? Because an experienced golfer knows what the […]