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Best Golf Tees: Top-Rated Tees for Golfers of All Skill Levels & 2023 Buyer’s Guide

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If you’re an avid golfer, then you already know how important it is to use the best golf tees. But standard tee tends to break often. A broken tee can happen to the pros and the amateur golfer alike. While it’s common knowledge that a wooden tee will break more often than models that are made out of plastic, there are some tees on the market that offer a higher level of durability and better performance.

If you’re tired of dealing with broken tees in the middle of a round, then my buyer’s guide on what to look for in high-quality tees, the features they have to offer, and which brands are killing it, will be very much appreciated. I’ve included the top six tees in my must-have list, each of which has a reputation for performance and durability. You’ll find each of the tees that made it onto my list in the comparison chart below.

Golf Tees Comparison Chart

Pride Performance Tees
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303 1/4 inchesPlastic
Callaway Wood Golf Tees
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1002 3/4 InchesWood
Champkey Pro Golf Tees
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603 1/4 inchesPlastic
ProActive Sports Tees
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103 1/4 inchesBiodegradable
Callaway Par-Tee
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103 1/4 InchesPlastic and Rubber
JEF World of Golf Tee
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1002 3/4 inchesWood

Pride Performance Professional Tees

Our Rating: (5/5)

These popular tees from Pride Performance feature a low-resistance tip that’s designed to minimize friction. They’re made out of a durable thick plastic material that’s designed to last significantly longer than their wooden counterparts. They measure in at 3 ¼ inches long and are perfect for drivers that are over 360 CC. The tee’s special low-resistance tip is probably the biggest selling point for most buyers and can do wonders for your shots at the tee box.


  • Made out of a durable plastic material
  • Perfect for drivers over 360 CC
  • Low price
  • Thirty tees per package


  • Can break when using an iron


These tees are designed to generate maximum distance by reducing tee friction, resulting in a longer drive. The low price, combined with the durable plastic design is what makes these tees one of Price Performance’s best-sellers. You’ll be impressed by how much distance you gain from your shots by simply switching to this type of tee, which provides a more stable foundation for your balls.

Callaway Wood Golf Tees

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Callaway is one of the leading manufacturers of golf clubs and accessories, so it comes as no surprise that they’ve created these popular wooden tees that are durable, feature the type of traditional design that most golfers prefer, and are available at a price that’s affordable. This is a set of one hundred red, white, and blue, wooden tees. While it’s true that your average wooden tee isn’t quite as strong as plastic tees, these tees by Callaway have a reputation for durability and quality.


  • Wooden tees
  • One hundred tees per pack
  • Red, white, and blue, colors
  • Durable design


  • Prone to breaking


These wooden tees are said to be more durable compared to models produced by competing manufacturers. However, you’ll find that these wooden tees are no more durable than any other wooden tees you’ve used in the past. If you’re looking for a tee that will take your shots to the next level, these are not it. Instead, they feature the traditional style that most low-handicappers prefer and a design that’s tournament legal.

Champkey Pro Golf Tees

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

These tees are specifically designed to reduce side spin and friction, via the four-prong head design. Using these specialty tees can also improve distance and shot accuracy. The oversized tee head allows the user to tilt the golf ball toward the hole by as much as twenty percent. The manufacturer also claims that these tees are much stronger than traditional wooden tees because of their unique plastic blend, which will allow you to reuse the tees dozens of times. The manufacturer is so confident that these tees can help to improve your shot accuracy and distance that they offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with how these tees perform you can return them within thirty days for a full refund.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Reduces friction
  • Minimizes side spin
  • Durable design


  • Bulky design
  • Tees may be too long for some players


These specialty tees are designed to take your game to the next level. According to the manufacturer, using these tees consistently can significantly improve your shot range and accuracy, while minimizing side spin and friction. Considering the low price and the fact that this set includes sixty tees, you have every reason to buy this set and give these unique tees a test drive, the next time you find yourself at the range.

ProActive Sports Consistent Tees

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

These tees are made out of biodegradable materials and are specifically designed for deep-face drivers. These tees will remove the guesswork out of taking your next shot and offer the perfect ball height for every swing. The height and overall design of the tees will promote consistently straighter and longer drives. This package comes with a total of ten, durable USGA compliant tees.


  • Made out of biodegradable materials
  • USGA compliant
  • Designed for deep-face drivers
  • Improves range


  • Price


For some the price may be a little steep, considering there are only ten tees in a pack, but considering how durable they are, you’ll find that you can reuse these tees over and over again, without the fear of the tees breaking. Their unique design will help to promote longer range, cleaner shots, and a consistent performance.

Callaway Par-Tee

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

These are co-molded, durable plastic tees that feature a plastic base with a rubberized top. These tees will promote a longer distance per shot, with low-spin and reduced side-spin. The manufacturer claims these tees are basically indestructible, so you’ll get plenty of use out of this set. This set is perfect for players of all skill levels, although the beginner will benefit the most. If you’re looking for a set that can help to improve your confidence on the green and at the tee box, then hit that buy now button.


  • Plastic and rubber design
  • Designed for players of all skill levels
  • Durable
  • Reduces side spin and promotes distance


  • Not designed for the low handicapper


These unique rubber and plastic tees are a great buy for the beginner, although even the low handicapper can appreciate the unique and almost indestructible design that allows you to reuse these tees several times over. The bottom of the tees features a sharpened stiff tip that makes them very easy to insert into the green at the perfect height. Additionally, the tees also work as a divot repair tool and a groove cleaner, which will make them invaluable on the course.

JEF World of Golf Tee

Our Rating: (4/5)

These durable brightly colored tees are made out of wood and painted a fluorescent color that makes them highly visible on the green and easier to find. These are traditional tees, so they’ll work for players of all skill levels. The oversized head is designed to improve ball stability and shot consistency on the course. These tees, like all models made out of wood, are prone to breaking, so they may not last more than a round or two. Fortunately, this set includes one hundred tees, so a broken tee or two per round won’t be an issue for most players.


  • Fluorescent colors make the tees easier to find
  • Low price
  • Pack of one hundred
  • Larger head for improved ball stability


  • Wooden tees will only last one or two rounds


These traditional wooden tees are a great buy for the golfer on a budget who is searching for tees that can improve ball stability and shot consistency. While they’re certainly not the most durable tees on the market, this large package is reasonably priced and perfect for beginners and low handicappers alike.

Golf Tees Buyer’s Guide

The average golf tee measures in at two to three inches. How low or high you want to set the tee is all a matter of personal preference, however, you can find tees in many different sizes, made from a variety of materials. But regardless of the size and style you normally prefer, you’re definitely going to need to purchase your tees in bulk. Doing so will help to keep the overall cost low while ensuring you’re prepared every time you hit the green.

The average golfer doesn’t give tees much thought. Instead, most golfers are focused on practicing their golf chipping techniques, paying attention to wedge bounce, focusing on their long game, using the right clubs. But the tee does and will have a huge impact on your game and overall performance.

If you usually struggle with your shots from the tee box, then you should definitely consider changing the types of tees you normally use. A shot from the tee box is considered one of the easiest shots a player has on each hole since the player can basically control their lie and lift the ball off the ground.

Your average tee is very inexpensive, which is why beginners often purchase them by the dozen, for just a few bucks. But these days, there are specialty tees available, each of which can help to improve your performance on the course.


Most tees are made out of wood or plastic. Some are even made out of bamboo. You may also come across models that are made out of different types of biodegradable materials. A cheap wooden tee tends to break more often than the plastic variety. However, you can find some wooden tees that are made tougher than plastic models. Plastic and wood tees are usually available in bright colors, which makes it easier to see them, pop them out of the ground and head to the next hole. But the paint on a cheap tee can easily transfer to your golf club when you hit the ball and end up making contact with the tee.


Hand asian

If you have a love for classic tees made out of wood, then you’re not alone. In fact, tees that are made out of wood are the most commonly used type, despite the fact that they’re not the most durable option out there.

As I mentioned earlier, most models are made out of wood. While there’s nothing really impressive about this type of material when it comes to tee design, wood remains the material of choice for many golfers. These tees are available in a variety of lengths and are also customizable, so you can personalize them by adding your name, the name of your company, or you can choose a certain color or pattern.


Bamboo tees are becoming more popular these days since they have a reputation for being almost unbreakable, which means they can last significantly longer than your standard wooden tee. They’re also much cheaper than wood tees since bamboo grows much faster than a tree and it can be harvested easily.


Plastic is another popular material used to make tees. These tees are available in a variety of colors and lengths, so there are about as many options for colors, patterns, designs, and customization options as the wooden variety. The most popular plastic tees are models that are meant to minimize friction at impact. The biggest advantage of using this type of tee is its durability since they tend to last significantly longer than wooden or bamboo tees.


You won’t usually find this type of tee on the course. Instead, rubber tees are more likely to make an appearance at your local driving range where mats are used. These tees are also available in a variety of lengths, allowing you to easily switch out the sizes from the mat. They’re the perfect choice for practice since they’re difficult to break and even more affordable than plastic, bamboo, and wooden tees.


Most tees will come with a very sharp point on the bottom that makes it easier to puncture the green. The top portion of the tee is designed to keep the ball securely in place before its hit. You don’t want to use a tee that has a top that’s flimsy or small. A flimsy top can allow the ball to easily blow away on a windy day, right as you’re in the middle of your downswing. This is why many tee manufacturers will use the traditional design that consists of a rounded cup that’s designed as the ball’s resting place. Other manufacturers will use a variety of designs that attempt to limit the amount of contact that the tee has with the ball, yet it’s designed to still provide the type of necessary support that will keep the ball securely in place.


The length of the tee is measured from the surface that holds the ball at the top, to the point on the bottom. Some models may be as short as just an inch and a half long, while others may measure in at four inches to five inches. These longer tees will allow the player to tee a ball at a much higher distance from the ground. It will also allow them to place enough of the tee into the green in order to ensure stability. Most golfers can agree that the longer tees are a better choice for drivers and other types of longer clubs. A shorter tee will be a better choice for shots with an iron from the tee box.

In the end, choosing the right length of the tee you use will be a matter of personal preference. Keep in mind, shorter tees can help to improve shot accuracy, while the longer tees can promote a longer shot trajectory.


Aside from the type of material the tees are made out of, they’re also available in a variety of styles, which you’ll learn about below.


The standard tee is what most pros use. These tees are pretty basic looking and made out of wood. They’re available in lengths that range from two inches up to four inches and can be found in several different colors. These tees are usually purchased in bulk and are highly customizable.


The slice is something most golfers dread. Every player has seen it. It’s that shot that begins straight and then violently curves to the right, landing short of the intended target. This shot will cause a significant loss of accuracy and distance. Fortunately, some tee manufacturers have come up with a solution that can help to mitigate this problem. These anti-slice tees are similar to a standard tee, however, they come with a flap that covers a quarter of the surface area of the ball. When you use this type of tee, you’ll tee the ball up like you’d usually do so that the flap will cover the back portion of the ball, at the point where the club makes contact. These tees are designed to help reduce side spin. However, they are not considered tournament legal.


As soon as they hit the market, these tees became very popular. They’re designed with a plastic base that has bristles located on the top, designed to support the ball. These tees are available in a variety of color and length options. The bristles are designed to eliminate the friction at impact that can occur when the club sweeps the ball. Using this tee can help to reduce side spin while adding some serious distance to your shot. Obviously, this makes these tees a great choice for beginners, but they can also work for moderate and low-handicappers as well.

Zero Friction

These tees are designed to eliminate friction at impact, resulting in straight, more consistent, and longer shots. A standard tee is designed with a full circumference, while this specialty tee features a type of prong design that will minimize how much contact the top has with the ball. These tees are usually made out of plastic, however, you may find some models that are made out of wood as well.


A personalized tee offers many customizable options. You can include your favorite sports tee, company logo, your name, and more. Customizing tees are surprisingly affordable, which is why they’re normally purchased in bulk.

What Type of Tee is Right for Me?

You’re at the tee box and you decide to take some practice swings using your new club before you line up your first shot. The ball is already in place and slightly posted above the grass. You make sure you’re using the right grip and take a solid swing that ends up sending your ball sputtering down the fairway. So, what went wrong? You used the right golf grip, you had the perfect stance, and your swing was solid. If you begin topping balls all of a sudden and you can’t seem to find the driver’s sweet spot, then your golf tee may be to blame. Playing with a tee that’s not the right length and one that doesn’t provide the ball with the right type of stable foundation can cause a variety of issues from the tee box. Playing with a tee that’s way too long can cause a host of problems for any player.

Golf Tee Rules

Most golfers don’t realize that there are so many factors to take into consideration when choosing a tee. As an example, are you aware that there’s a maximum length for golf tees in a competition? The USGA put rules in place regarding golf tees, prohibiting the use of tees that are over four inches in length. Additionally, the tees cannot consist of a design that indicates the line of play and it cannot influence ball movement. You are also not allowed to use a tee that can assist you in making a stroke on your play.

So, aside from length and obvious lines that can help you direct your drive, there aren’t really too many rules that surround tee use. This means that you can use traditional tees, or choose models made out of bamboo, plastic, or rubber. But which type of tee is right for you and your playing style?

If you’re still not sure what type of tee will work for you, or the kind that can improve your performance, buy a variety of different styles. Considering tees are so affordable, there’s no reason why you can’t purchase tees that are made out of different types of materials and in different lengths.

But what about tee depth?

The deeper a tee is placed into the ground, the more resistance the ball will face upon impact. This will result in shorter drives. Be sure that your tee is not placed in the ground more than half an inch in order to keep the resistance at a minimum. There are many models of tees that come with a colored band that’s placed around the bottom that’s designed to help you determine how deep to place the tee into the ground.

Ball Height

Once you’ve decided to try out different tees, don’t waste time on the course during a round, trying out your new tees at different heights. Be sure to practice with your new tees, prior to a round with your friends. You can easily do so by stopping by your local driving range to practice some shots. As you already know by now, a tee height can range from two up to five inches in length, so go with a tee that best connects the ball with the sweet spot on your driver.

Final Thoughts

If you’re still not certain what type of tees to use, remember, the best golf tees will make you feel like you’re getting the most out of every drive. If you’ve found that your drives tend to go further off a higher tee, then purchase a longer tee. If your driver usually remains low at impact when you swing, then a lower two-inch tee will be a better fit. Whether you decide to try out the newest tee technology and opt for an anti-slice or brush tee, the important thing is to try out a variety of tees when you practice in order to determine which type best suits your playing style. This way, you’ll know which type of tee to use before you tee off during the next round with your buddies.