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Best Golf Waterproofs in 2023: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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Golfer in heavy rain

With the best golf waterproofs, you can play a round during the fall and winter months, even when it’s raining or windy. Waterproofs can include pants, jackets, and rainproof hats. Each type and style of waterproof has something in common. All types of waterproofs are designed to keep you comfortable and dry in inclement weather.

However, these waterproofs must also be breathable and comfortable to wear. You don’t want to end up with a set that prevents you from swinging smoothly, or a jacket that causes you to sweat after an hour or two on the course. Finding the right waterproofs can be a challenge, especially considering how popular they are this year.

If you’re tired of spending hours online searching for durable, breathable waterproofs that really work, then this buyer’s guide will be invaluable. I’ve also tested out several of the leading products, narrowing it down to six must-have waterproofs that will allow you to hit the course, even when it’s gloomy outside.

Below, you’ll find a comparison chart that includes each product, how it rated, and what features you’ll want to pay close attention to.

Golf Waterproofs Comparison Chart

FIT SPACE Waterproof Golf Rain Suit
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Adidas Men's Climastorm Golf Rain Pant
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SWISSWELL Men's Rainwear for Golf
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Little Donkey Andy Men's Golf Rain Pants
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Charles River Apparel Pack-N-Go Pullover
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Weatherproof Original Men’s Golf Jacket
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Kesser Rain Suits for Golf
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Clothin Men's Rain Pants
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FIT SPACE Waterproof Golf Rain Suits for Men

Our Rating: (5/5)

If you’re looking for a set of waterproof clothing for the course, this suit by Fit Space makes shopping for waterproofs easy. The set is made out of 100% polyester and features a DWR coating with a rating of 20,000 mm. The suit consists of a jacket and pants that are designed to handle the elements, while keeping you comfortable, warm, and dry. The four-way stretch fabric allows the clothing to move with you, not against you. The jacket’s sleeves can be switched out for shirt sleeves, so you can change coverage based on the weather. Both the pants and jacket have sealed seams, in addition to stretch mesh lining.


  • Four-way stretch
  • Breathable
  • Removable sleeves
  • Adjustable leg openings


  • Pants run a size large


This jacket and pants are highly adjustable. The Velcro cuffs, removable sleeves, and adjustable leg openings all work together to ensure you stay comfortably warm and won’t overheat. The set is windproof, waterproof, and breathable. If you don’t already know, finding a waterproof set that’s breathable is crucial. This set works well for all types of weather conditions, so you can remove the sleeves in warmer weather, or zip up and enjoy full protection for mild to moderate rainfall and stay totally dry.

Adidas Men’s Climastorm Provisional Golf Rain Pant

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

These waterproof pants are made out of 100% polyester and feature a drawstring waist closure that allows you to adjust the fit precisely. The pants also have side seam pockets, so you can keep important personal items on hand. The materials used are wind-resistant, waterproof, and designed to keep you comfortable and dry when you’re out on the course in light or heavy rainfall.


  • Breathable
  • Adjustable waist
  • Wind-resistant
  • Waterproof


  • Only four sizes to choose from


Adidas is a big-name brand that most people are familiar with. This brand offers an extensive line of athletic clothing and has a reputation for producing top quality gear that’s not restrictive and allows you to really push your body to the limits. Their line of golf waterproof pants is very versatile and can be worn on or off the course.

These ventilated pants allow you to enjoy a round of golf in wet weather, thanks to a breathable, waterproof, and wind-resistant design that provides top of the line protection from the elements. Additionally, the material itself is very flexible, so it’ll move with you, not against you during follow through.

SWISSWELL Men’s Rain Suit Waterproof Lightweight Hooded Rainwear for Golf

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Made out of 100% nylon, this jacket and pants combo is lightweight and perfect for a day out on the course in rainy weather. According to the manufacturer, the jacket is designed to easily handle hydrostatic pressure of WR5000, so you’ll stay nice and dry, even during a heavy downpour. The clothing is also windproof. The jacket features a soft brushed collar, with a drop hood that’s adjustable. If you don’t want to deal with the hood, you can roll it up and store it in the zippered collar and pull it out once the rain begins to fall. The suit is lined with mesh for improved breathability and air circulation. This will also allow the material to dry quickly.


  • Lightweight
  • Designed to handle heavy rainfall
  • Comfortable
  • Unrestrictive


  • Jacket cuffs are not adjustable and can let rain in


The heavy-duty nylon material is perfect for a day on the course in windy and rainy conditions. The relaxed fit of the suit provides just enough give so you can swing normally, without feeling restricted. The suit is designed with golfing in mind, so you won’t have to worry about adjusting your swing or follow through. If you live in a part of the country that experiences heavy rainfall, and you enjoy playing golf year-round, then this suit will have you feeling more prepared during the fall and winter months, when heavy showers can hit you unexpectedly.

Little Donkey Andy Men’s Golf Rain Pants

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

If you’re looking for breathable, lightweight pants you can wear on the course to protect you from showers, then this pair by Little Donkey Andy delivers. The pants are made out of 100% polyester and feature a breathable, waterproof design that will keep you dry in light and heavy rainfall. The mesh lining and fully sealed seam design will protect you from rain, while allowing moisture to escape, so you won’t overheat. The pants have a DWR finish, with a waterproof rating of 3000 mm. The elastic waist provides a comfortable fit. The leg openings come with a drawcord, so you can adjust the cuffs and close them tightly against the legs during a heavy downpour, to prevent water from entering. The hips and knees are articulated and designed to promote a full range of motion.


  • Articulated hips and knees promote full range of motion
  • Adjustable leg cuffs
  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Breathable


  • Pants run a couple of sizes small
  • Three sizes to choose from


These rain pants are versatile, flexible, and highly adjustable. They do tend to run a couple of sizes small, so pay close attention to the manufacturer’s size chart to see if these pants will work for you. Unfortunately, there are only three size options available. Aside from the sizing issue, these pants offer the type of fit and performance that you need when you’re playing a round in inclement weather. The ability to adjust the cuffs will prevent rain from coming in, during a heavy downpour with plenty of wind. Comfortable and breathable, these pants will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe if your part of the country experiences plenty of rainfall during the winter.

Charles River Apparel Pack-N-Go Wind & Water-Resistant Pullover

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

In some situations, all you’re really going to need is a dependable pullover to keep you comfortable and dry on the course. This model by Charles River Apparel is versatile, made out of 100% polyester, and is machine washable. It folds down to a nice small bundle, so you can always stash it in your bag if the sun comes out. The pullover runs a size or two large, so you’ll need to be careful when you’re ordering and pay attention to the manufacturer’s size chart. This model is available in a variety of color options, so you can choose a few of these pullovers to add to your winter golfing wardrobe. They’re also surprisingly affordable, which will give golfers on a budget more incentive to buy.


  • Machine washable
  • Versatile
  • Perfect for light to moderate showers
  • Breathable


  • Runs a size or two large


This versatile pullover can be worn both on and off the course. It’s also very portable and can be packed away inside its own front pouch for compact storage. This model is perfect for a round in wet weather and offers the type of breathability and range of motion you need on the course. It’s also a steal for the price and just what most golfers are looking for in terms of a lightweight pullover that won’t weigh them down or restrict their movements.

Weatherproof Original Men’s Golf Jacket

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This is a lightweight golf rain jacket that’s made out of 15% nylon and 85% polyester. The materials used are wind and water resistant. The design of the jacket promotes full range of motion, so you won’t feel any pull when you take your usual swing. The front of the jacket features a lay flat collar and a center front zip closure. On the jacket, you’ll also find a couple of exterior pockets, which are fastened via snaps. Inside the jacket, there is a zipper-secured pocket, which you can use to store your important personal items, such as your phone, wallet, or anything else you want to keep dry.


  • Made out of polyester and nylon
  • Loaded with pockets
  • Designed to promote full range of motion
  • Lightweight and breathable


  • Runs a size small
  • Must be ironed after washing


This jacket is versatile, made out of premium materials, and features a lightweight soft-touch microfiber shell. The materials used are both wind and water-resistant. Additionally, this pocket loaded design allows you to protect and store all of your important personal items, so you won’t have to worry about your phone, wallet, or other gear getting wet. The jacket is available in eighteen color options, and twelve sizes, so you’re sure to find one that works for your style and fits you like a glove.

Kesser Rain Suits for Golf

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

If you’re on a budget, then you’ll love the latest rain suit for golf produced by Kesser. This is a heavy-duty waterproof suit that’s very flexible, so you won’t have to worry about restricted motion. The jacket comes complete with a drawstring hood, a couple of Velcro pockets, and a comfortable fit. The pants have the standard two open pockets, with reflective strips on both the jacket and the pants, so you’ll remain highly visible on the course, in low light conditions. The pants also have a drawstring waist, so you can achieve the perfect fit. The set is made out of heavy-duty polyester fabric that has a PVC base, so the thick material will prevent any water from penetrating and soaking your base and mid-layer.


  • Reflective strips
  • PVC base
  • Adjustable
  • Plenty of pockets


  • Pants run a size small


The open pockets in the pants allow you to reach through to access the contents in your other pants, worn underneath, while the jacket’s large Velcro pockets offer plenty of space to store your most important personal items. The lightweight material of the jacket and pants allows you to layer your golf clothing, so you can easily shed this top outer layer if the temperature rises and the sun comes out. This affordable set does a great job of keeping the golfer dry and comfortable on the course and will be a welcome addition to any golfer’s winter wardrobe.

Clothin Men’s Rain Pants

Our Rating: (4/5)

These waterproof golf pants by Clothin feature a fabric shell that’s made out of 100% nylon, and a lining that’s made out of 100% polyester. The pants have fully taped seams, which do an excellent job of preventing rain from entering. The adjustable leg openings come complete with cord locks, so you can widen the openings if you want to wear the pants over winter golf boots or tighten the cuffs if you’re wearing waterproof traditional shoes. The pants also come with an elastic waistband, complete with a drawstring, as well as two front zippered waterproof pockets.


  • Adjustable
  • Fully sealed seams
  • Elastic waistband
  • Adjustable leg openings


  • Will not keep you warm if worn alone


These waterproof pants are tough, flexible, and come with fully sealed seams, offering ultimate water protection.

However, while these pants can be worn alone, I definitely recommend wearing them over your regular pants since the material doesn’t do much to protect you from colder weather. If you do decide to layer your pants, keep in mind that you’ll need to order these pants a size or two larger, so they can easily fit over your other pants, without feeling restrictive.

Golf Waterproofs Buyer’s Guide

A waterproof is designed to easily handle even the worst weather. But it should also provide the type of flexible fit and breathable design you need, so it won’t make you swing awkwardly or cause you to overheat. Choosing golf clothing that can be layered under your waterproofs will allow you to remain comfortable and dry throughout the day. So, if you plan on layering your clothing, you’ll also need to look for some waterproofs that aren’t bulky and stiff.

You’ll come across rainproof golf hats, sleek jackets, pullovers, and durable pants, all of which are available in a variety of designs.

How to Choose Waterproofs

This type of clothing is available in different degrees of weatherproofing, from lightweight designs that work for light rainfall, to heavy-duty clothing that can take on a heavy downpour. Waterproofs are not just designed to protect you from rain, they’re also able to block wind, so they’re a great choice for windy conditions.

If you are someone who hits the course regardless of weather conditions, then you’ll want clothing that can prepare you for the elements.


If a jacket or pants are labeled as waterproof, they can offer the best level of protection. This type of clothing will protect you from a heavy downpour. This gear will be totally waterproof. When it comes to wet weather, you need this level of protection to prevent your clothing from becoming soaked when you get hit with a surprise downpour. The most common type of waterproof material used is GoreTex. It’s considered the most effective material out there, thanks to the porous membrane that’s laminated to a layer or placed between the layers. The tiny holes in the membrane will prevent drops of water from entering the fabric but will allow vapors (sweat) to escape from the interior of the clothing.

Keep in mind, most clothing that’s labeled as 100% waterproof will be more expensive than clothing that offers a lower level of protection, but it’s often worth the higher price tag.


Clothing labeled rainproof will keep you dry in a light shower, more so than an average jacket, but it cannot provide the level of protection needed to keep you dry in a heavy downpour.

People commonly mistaken rainproof for waterproof and use the terms interchangeably. While it can’t provide the level of protection that waterproof clothing can, it’s usually offers better breathability and comes with a lower price tag.


Man wearing black anti static or wet weather jacket

Clothing labeled windproof will offer the lowest level of protection. While the jacket will shield you from harsh winds, it won’t keep you dry. This type of clothing will prevent wind from passing through materials that are highly breathable. While it can’t protect you from rain, this clothing can handle mist and high wind conditions, but rarely can it offer you the level of protection that clothing that’s categorized as waterproof can.


If you want a better fit, look for clothing that’s adjustable. Jackets with elastic or Velcro cuffs will allow you to swing easily, can do a better job of keeping rain and wind out, and will allow you to wear them over your other golf gear.

Lightweight Design

The biggest problem you’ll encounter when you’re shopping for this type of gear is a bulky design. Clothing that’s bulky or restrictive will make it difficult to swing like you normally do when you’re wearing just a golf shirt. A sleek, lightweight design is what you’re after.

A lightweight jacket can also be easily rolled up and stashed in your golf bag, if the sun decides to make an appearance.


A pocket loaded pair of pants or a jacket will not only allow you to stash your important personal items, such as your keys, wallet, and phone, but it will also keep them dry. If you’re looking for ultimate waterproof protection for your personal items, make sure the pants or jacket have pockets that are secured with snaps or a zipper.


Many modern waterproof membranes are breathable, so you won’t get overheated. Laminates are less breathable, but they also come equipped with a higher waterproof rating. Any type of clothing that has a waterproof membrane, in addition to sealed seams, will provide a higher level of protection. Sealed seams do an excellent job of blocking entry points for water to seep through.

Types of Golf Waterproofs

There are many different types of waterproofs to choose from, including long and short sleeved jackets, vests, pants, hats, and gloves.


Jackets are the most basic and common type of waterproof and they’re essential for any golfer who wants to stay dry and maintain their flexibility as they swing. A flexible design is crucial since a stiff jacket without much slack can make it impossible for you to swing the way you normally do. You don’t want to waste hundreds of dollars on a great looking jacket, only to find out the design is very restrictive.

Jacket Design

When you’re shopping for a new jacket, the biggest mistake you can make is choosing a jacket that’s too big. Most golfers will choose a jacket that’s a size or two larger, thinking it won’t restrict their golf swing. However, if you choose a jacket that’s too big for you, you’ll just end up with a jacket that’s heavier and bulky, which can make it more difficult to swing properly. Modern jackets are designed to fit snugly and should stretch. So, instead, of going for a model that’s bigger, look for one that’s tighter.

True Fit

If you’re ordering the jacket online and have no way to try it on before you buy, then try reading golf waterproofs reviews for each jacket you’re interested in. This can clue you in on a jacket’s true fit and whether or not it offers the type of flexibility

you need out on the course. Many golfers will rate a jacket’s playability. This indicates whether or not you can swing freely when wearing it or if it feels restrictive.

Pay attention to the cut and length of the jacket. Some are mid-length or full-length and may or may not come with a collar zipper. A full-length design can feel cumbersome when you’re practicing golf chipping techniques or putting.

Aside from a flexible design, the jacket should also be comfortable.

Other features to look for include adjustability, cuffs, lining, hood or hoodless, and of course, pockets.

Long or Short Sleeved

Long sleeved jackets offer ultimate protection, but a short-sleeved jacket can provide more flexibility. These jackets are often a thinner version of the long-sleeved style and offer a better level of breathability and playability. You’ll notice that the sleeves usually end at the elbows, so your forearms will be left uncovered.

Hooded or Hoodless

Some jackets will come with a hood, so you won’t have to wear a hat if you don’t want to. These hoods are large and can protect the head and eyes from rain and wind. The jacket may have a hood that’s removeable, which will come in handy if the hood feels too cumbersome or impacts your vision.


A vest is basically a sleeveless jacket that you can easily slip in and out of. Vests are pretty useful in windy or cold weather, but they’re not the best choice for rain. They’re commonly worn for their extra pockets and because they add an additional thin layer of clothing that’s not restrictive.


Waterproof pants are just as important as a good jacket. When cold weather hits, your lower half can quickly start to freeze and get wet, especially if you’re walking the course. Wearing windproof and waterproof pants is one of the best ways to stay warm if you’re going to play golf in cold weather. Most of these pants will come with an elastic waistband so you can easily pull them up over your regular pants. Some may also have slits instead of pockets. This will allow you to reach through them to your regular pants pockets.

How Waterproof Golf Pants Should Fit

When you’re shopping for these types of pants, in terms of size, you’ll want to buy pants that are slightly longer than what you’d normally wear, so the pants will cover your regular pants and lay neatly over the top of your golf shoes. This prevents water from gathering around the pant leg or shoes. Most of these pants will come with zippers at the leg cuff, so they’re easier to remove and provide a nice seal that will keep water out.


If you want a seamless look, you can purchase sets that consist of a waterproof top with pants. This can save you some cash, while also ensuring you match and look great on the course.

Hand and Head Protection

Investing in gear that will keep your head and hands dry and warm will prepare you for any type of inclement weather. If you don’t normally wear gloves on the course, you can wear waterproof gloves, up until it’s your turn, then remove them for your swing. This will keep your hands warmed up, preventing them from getting stiff, which can make your swings clumsy.

Fabrics to Look for

If you’re looking for ultimate protection from the elements, then choose pants and a jacket that’s made out of one of the following materials:


Wool fabric is commonly used for protection against wind, rain, and cold. It’s been used for thousands of years and works well to keep you dry, even in heavy rainfall. The wool fibers do an excellent job of absorbing water, pulling it away from the skin.


Vinyl material is made from PVC. There are many different types of clothing that’s made out of vinyl, but the big drawback is that this material isn’t quite as flexible as higher priced material, such as GoreTex. It’s also not as breathable.

Fabric Woven from ELS Cotton

ELS or extra-long-staple cotton comes from specially grown crops that have fibers that are extra-long and woven to create a type of dense textile made from cotton. The resulting material is very waterproof and designed to expand so it can form a tighter layer of protection against harsh conditions.


GoreTex was created way back in 1969 and it’s incredibly flexible and durable. You’ll find many types of windproofs made out of GoreTex, because of its waterproof protection and its breathability. The membrane will prevent water from seeping in, but will allow sweat to escape, so your clothes will not become soaked with sweat like they can when you wear materials that are not very breathable, such as vinyl.

Water-Resistance Versus Waterproof

The biggest mistake you can make is choosing clothing that’s water resistant and not waterproof. There’s definitely a difference between the two types of water protection.

Garments that are water-resistant means that it can resist water. These clothes will keep you dry in light rain, but in a heavy downpour, you’ll get soaked.

Waterproof means that the clothing has some type of feature that’s designed to prevent moisture from soaking through. It all boils down to the design and materials used.

There are different levels of waterproofing to choose from.

When to Wear Waterproof & Water-Resistant Clothing

Clothing that’s water-resistant is a better choice for everyday outer wear. This will protect you if you’re on the course and get hit by unexpected showers.

If you’re playing golf during the winter and you know that rainfall is likely, but you want to brave the weather anyway, go with waterproof clothing. Wearing this type of gear ensures that bad weather will not spoil your day on the course and cause you to call it quits early.

This gear will keep you completely dry and is specifically designed to work with your golf swing, so you can stay on top of your game, year-round.

Waterproof Rating

The different degrees of waterproofing are determined by a process referred to as static column testing. This type of testing evaluates a material’s waterproof power. A tube is placed over a one-inch section of fabric. The tube is filled with water and monitored for signs of leakage. The material is awarded a rating based on how much water it was able to take on before the water was able to penetrate the material.

The easiest way to judge the performance of waterproofs is to take a look at their waterproof rating. Jackets that are designed for everyday use will have a rating that ranges from 0 mm to 2,000 mm. Jackets that are designed for extreme weather have a 5,000 mm to 10,000 mm rating. These are the jackets you can wear on the course when you’re dealing with heavy rainfall.

Waterproof Coating

Materials that are water resistant have been treated by a type of durable water repellent coating. Water will bead up on the material’s surface.

Can You Wash Waterproofs?

Waterproof care is pretty simple. once you get home, you’ll remove them and toss them directly in the washing machine. Most types are washing machine friendly. Washing them right away prevents mildew and mold growth. It will also protect the integrity of the waterproofing material. Always follow the manufacturers care instructions.

Most manufacturers recommend tumble drying waterproofs, while others require you to hang them up to dry.

Final Thoughts

The best golf waterproofs will keep you warm and comfortable. They’ll come equipped with technology that prevents water from penetrating but will feature a breathable design that also prevents you from getting overheated. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and types of waterproofs including vests, pullovers, and long sleeved or short sleeved jackets, as well as hats and pants. Putting together the right combination of waterproof attire will allow you to spend your days on the course, practicing your swing, getting away from it all, and focusing on improving your performance, so you can dominate the course come spring.