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Best Sunday Golf Bags: In-Depth 2023 Buyer’s Guide and Leading Products

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The Sunday golf bag has quickly become the must-have bag on the course, due to its streamlined and lightweight design. Many manufacturers are now producing this type of highly functional, compact bag and have included many important features such as dividers and pockets.

Despite the fact that many of these bags have numerous features, they still have a very small profile that’s consistent with what most golfers expect from this type of bag. But since these bags are growing in popularity, finding the right model for you based on the types of clubs you use, and the number of clubs and gear you carry, can be a very tricky challenge.

I’ve come across many of the leading models on the market, many of which are feature-packed with all the accessories and extras that many golfers are looking for. However, many failed to make my list because they simply weren’t durable enough or they lacked the basic space most golfers need to carry all their gear on the course.

Yet, I was able to find a total of eight bags for my best-of list. Each of these bags is equipped with all the features the golfer will need to get by for an afternoon on the course. While the bags are nowhere near as big as a traditional golf bag, they do offer a number of storage and organization options that will make your clubs and gear more accessible, allowing you to get from one hole to the next, faster.

Below, you’ll find a comparison chart that I’ve created to show you the differences between each bag, so you can easily identify which model will work the best for you and a model that can meet your needs on the course.

Sunday Golf Bags Comparison Chart

ProductClub LimitPocket CountStandRating
Par3 Golf Sunday Golf Bag

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Proactive Sports Sunday Golf Bag

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Ranger Carry Sunday Golf Bag

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Cobra Golf Sunday Bag

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LONGCHAO Golf Stand Bag

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Par3 Golf Sunday Golf Bag

Our Rating: (5/5)

The Par3 bag is considered one of the lightest models on the market. Even better, it comes with its own stand, so the bag itself and your clubs, won’t get dirty. This bag weighs in at just under two pounds and is able to handle a maximum of seven clubs, easily. This is the perfect model for the golfer looking for a lighter option for the course and one that’s not going to weigh them down, even when the bag is full. The bag comes with a valuables pocket, which is lined with velour on the inside, and designed to keep your personal items safe and easily accessible. The bag’s carry handle makes it even easier to transport this bag from one hole to the next, while the shoulder strap helps to minimize the amount of weight that’s placed on the upper back and shoulder.


  • Lightweight
  • Carry handle
  • Velour valuables pocket
  • Three pockets total


  • Valuables pocket is not waterproof


This feature-packed golf bag comes loaded with all the right features, including a lightweight design that allows you to carry your clubs from hole to hole, effortlessly. The three pocket design will allow you to bring along all the essential accessories, while the max club limit of seven means you can bring along the clubs you find yourself relying on regularly.

Proactive Sports Sunday Golf Bag

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This polyester Sunday bag is perfect for an afternoon at the course or the range. It’s highly compact design allows you to neatly fold it and store it, when not in use. The bag comes with pockets for divot tools, tees, balls, and other essential accessories, however, it doesn’t come with a valuables pouch, which is designed specifically for personal items. The heavily padded shoulder strap allows you to carry a full bag in total comfort, or you can use the carry handle that’s located on the side. This model may be light, but it’s incredibly durable and perfect for use on the course. It comes with a total of two zippered pockets and one large mesh pocket, so you’ll have plenty of storage space.


  • Three pockets
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Carry handle and shoulder strap


  • No valuables pouch
  • No dividers
  • Does not come with a stand


When it comes to flash, you’ll find that this model has a very basic design, which may be a deal-breaker for the golfer in search of a Sunday bag that will keep them highly organized. This model doesn’t come with any extra features such as a stand or valuables pouch, and the lack of dividers can also mean that your clubs will be banging into one another when you’re hauling your bag from one hole to the next. However, if you’re looking for a very basic bag, and one that would be perfect for travel or an afternoon at the range, this model is a steal for the price.

Ranger Carry Sunday Range Bag by Caddy Daddy Golf

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This Sunday golf bag by Caddy Daddy is made out of tough, six hundred and eighty denier nylon and features one towel ring and three zippered pockets. The padded top of the bag provides the clubs with an extra layer of protection, while the five-inch rigid tube design can hold up to nine clubs. The bag is covered by a one year warranty, which covers the bag against any damage caused by an airline. The zippered pockets on the bag are lockable, although the locks themselves are sold separately. This is a multi-functional bag that’s perfect for travel, the range, and even the course. The bag weighs in at three and a half pounds, so it’s not the lightest Sunday bag out there, but it’s certainly lighter than a traditional golf bag. The padded shoulder strap promotes user comfort while minimizing the amount of strain that’s placed on the upper back and shoulders. Aside from the shoulder strap, there’s also an easy-grip rubber handle.


  • Three pockets
  • Travel-friendly design
  • Can carry up to nine clubs
  • Low price
  • Versatile


  • Heavy
  • Does not include a stand


This may not be the lightest bag in my lineup, but it’s one of the most durable. If you’re looking for a tough golf bag that you can use for travel, at the range, or on the course, then this versatile bag may just fit the bill. This model is a great buy for any golfer that’s looking for a lighter alternative to a traditional golf bag, and one that’s designed to withstand heavy use.

JEF WORLD OF GOLF JR1256 Pitch & Putt Sunday Bag

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This bag is perfect for the course, travel, or the driving range. It weighs in at just two pounds and comes with an adjustable carry strap and a large stand that will prevent your bag and clubs from getting dirty or wet. This model can handle carrying up to eight clubs and a wide range of accessories. The bag features a single zippered pocket, which can be used to hold up to ten balls. The large mesh pocket is specifically designed to hold a bottled drink.


  • Stand
  • Adjustable carry strap
  • Can hold up to eight clubs


  • One pocket


This golf bag is perfect for a day on the course, at the range, and it’s also airline friendly. Its lightweight design will allow you to effortlessly carry it from hole to hole and it features a higher than average club capacity, so you can bring all your favorite clubs along. The fact that it only comes with one pocket is a big drawback since it can limit you in terms of what accessories you can bring along and doesn’t give you a place to store your personal items.

Cobra Golf 2019 Ultralight Sunday Bag

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This bag is made out of one hundred percent polyester, features a three-way top that comes complete with designated club dividers, so you can stay highly organized while preventing your clubs from banging into each when you go from hole to hole. The included valuables pocket is fleeced lined and designed to protect your personal items, such as your wallet, phone, and keys. The large mesh beverage pocket will allow you to bring along your favorite drink and keep it accessible. The manufacturer markets this model as being ultralight, although it’s one of the heaviest bags in my lineup, weighing in at just under four pounds. This model comes with a large apparel pocket, which is perfect for larger accessories, while the customizable ball pocket will allow you to bring along as many balls as you need.


  • Five pockets
  • Durable
  • Includes dividers


  • Heavy
  • Does not include a stand


This bag offers the ultimate storage options and allows you to keep your accessories and clubs well-organized and highly accessible. However, it’s not quite as light as the manufacturer would have you believe, although it is significantly lighter compared to a traditional golf bag. The lack of a stand may be a drawback for some, however, the pocket heavy design may be a fair tradeoff for most buyers.

LONGCHAO Golf Stand Bag

Our Rating: (4/5)

This is a lightweight golf bag that comes equipped with a stand, which will prevent your clubs and bag from getting wet or dirty. The large seven club capacity will allow you to bring along all of your favorite clubs, while the backpack style shoulder strap is comfortable and highly adjustable. The strap is designed to reduce the amount of weight that’s placed on your shoulder and upper back, so it will minimize your chances of discomfort and potential strains. Aside from the strap, it comes with a large, durable carry handle that’s comfortable to hold. The bag is made out of durable materials and comes equipped with a durable anti-wear, non-slip bottom. The bag weighs in at two pounds, making it one of the lightest Sunday bags in my lineup. The lack of dividers and minimal storage space may be a problem for the golfer looking for a bag that can help them stay highly organized on the course.


  • Stand included
  • Durable rubber bottom
  • Strap and carry handle
  • Seven club capacity
  • Lightweight design


  • Two pockets only
  • Does not include dividers


This low-priced golf bag is perfect for course and range use, although it doesn’t include dividers or much storage space, which can be a big drawback for the golfer who wants to bring along more accessories. Aside from its lack of storage space, it does feature a seven club capacity, which is better than average compared to other models in this price bracket. This model earned top marks for the durable design, thanks to the tough rubber bottom, thick material, and the included stand.

Sunday Golf Bags Buyer’s Guide

Some golfers cannot imagine taking a smaller golf bag to the course since this means they will be somewhat limited in terms of the types of golf clubs they can use. But if you’re being honest with yourself, there are really only a handful of clubs that you’ll find yourself using on a regular basis. So, why not make life a little easier on yourself and switch to a bag that’s designed with functionality and comfort in mind?

If you’re looking for an easier way to get your golf clubs from point A to point B, make every hole, and handle your putting drills without struggling to haul your fully-loaded regular golf bag, then these lighter bags can be a great, affordable alternative, and one that can help you lose weight while you’re out on the course all day.

This type of golf bag is perfect for the player who wants to enjoy walking around the course without being weighed down by a traditional, full-sized golf bag. If you’re tired of hauling around fifty pounds of gear using your old bag, then you’ll love the lightweight Sunday bag, which is designed specifically with user comfort in mind.


Finally, a lightweight solution for the golfer who’s tired of struggling to make it from one hole to the next with a fully loaded bag. A Sunday bag generally weighs around twenty pounds when full. This means the golfer can lower the weight even more, by only carrying the clubs they use the most, while getting rid of the rarely used clubs and too many accessories.


Golf sticks

These bags are narrow, small, and lightweight and don’t come equipped with too many pockets. They’re also designed to hold a minimal number of clubs. These bags are perfect for the golfer who walks the course and doesn’t want to carry around a back-breaking heavy traditional golf bag.

The bag will come with a few dividers, which are designed to prevent the clubs from rubbing up against each other.

Also included is a durable strap that’s designed to minimize the amount of weight that’s applied to the upper back, while reducing neck and shoulder strain.

Opening Size

When you’re shopping for a Sunday bag, the first thing you should check out is how the bag opens and how wide it opens. Most of these bags will have an opening that ranges from four to eight inches in width. The wider the opening, the more room you’ll have for your clubs.

Club Limit

So, just how many clubs can this type of bag hold? Most will be able to comfortably hold six to eight clubs, however, a wider bag may be able to accommodate an entire set. Since these bags are usually limited in terms of storage capacity, you’ll need to carefully choose the right golf clubs for your next game, otherwise you may be stuck on a shot without your favorite putter.


If you like to bring along plenty of gear and smaller accessories, then the next step is looking at the number of pockets each model is equipped with. A smaller bag may not come with more than two or three pockets. Higher-priced bags tend to offer a variety of pockets, including small pouches that are specifically designed to hold wallets, keys, phones, and other types of small personal items. Most of the pockets on the bag are not designed to hold more than four to six balls, so you’ll need to be sure that this limitation will work for your playing needs.


Some manufacturers are now producing stands for these bags. One of the biggest complaints many golfers have involves the fact that these bags cannot stand upright, like a traditional bag. This means your bag may become stained or wet if you have to place it on its side in the wet grass. Should the bag get wet, it can become pretty difficult to carry. A stand will prevent this issue. Another option is a waterproof belly. Some manufacturers now equip their bags with a waterproof or rubberized bottom, which will help to keep both the bag and clubs clean. But most golfers seem to favor the small manual stands, which run around six to twelve inches in length. Some bags will have a full-size stand, which will be much longer.


Most bags will come with at least two dividers, although there are some that can have as many as six. More dividers can make it easier to take a club out of the bag or put it back in its rightful place. These dividers will work to provide each of your clubs with much-needed protection against damage and dings since each club with have it’s own spot. This will prevent your clubs from banging against each other as you haul your bag from hole to hole.


A thick, heavily padded strap will be important since an ergonomic design can reduce the amount of weight and stress that’s placed on your back, neck, and shoulders.


Whether you want to use this type of bag daily, every time you hit the course, or just once in a while, the type of bag you buy should be durable and able to handle all the gear you need for the day. Look for a model that’s made out of durable materials and one that features excellent, tough stitching.


If you don’t have a stand, or you didn’t purchase a model that has a protective rubber belly, then you’ll need to plan on giving your bag a good scrub down from time to time. While you can’t just throw one of these bags into the washing machine, you can use a mild dish detergent and a soft cloth, to spot clean it. Just a little elbow grease can go a long way in terms of making your bag look new again. Make sure you also clean out the bag’s pockets regularly and ensure that the zippers are in good working order. Keeping up on bag maintenance is a great way to get more use out of your bag, and remain organized. If you want a bag that’s low-maintenance, pay attention to the type of material it’s made out of and the recommended care instructions. If you don’t then you may end up with a bag that stains easily or one that’s difficult to clean.


Some golfers will use these bags when they travel. If this sounds like a perfect idea to you, then make sure you purchase a model that comes with lockable zippers, a thick cover, and a durable design, all of which will make it easier to travel with your clubs.


These bags are perfect for the golfer who wants to be more active on the course. If you’ve decided to make healthier lifestyle choices, then walking the course instead of using a golf cart is a great first step towards weight loss and a number of other health benefits. Many golfers have found that if they walk the whole course, it can count toward their daily workout, allowing them to burn hundreds of calories in the course of an afternoon.

However, if you’re deciding to make the switch and become a walking golfer, you definitely don’t want to find yourself stuck on the course and carrying around a bag that weighs between forty and sixty pounds.

Instead, opt for one of these lightweight Sunday bags, which are designed to reduce the amount of weight that’s placed on the upper body.

Of course, since these bags are so light, they’ll also take the strain off your shoulders and back. The idea behind these bags is to make walking the course more convenient and faster. The added bonus here is that you’ll get plenty of exercise while you’re out on the course having a great time.

These bags are also ideal for younger golfers and beginners who don’t need to bring along a full set of clubs, or players who don’t have access to caddies and carts. These bags will work well for older golfers who want to get some exercise, but don’t have the back strength to bring along a full-sized bag.

Is a Sunday Golf Bag Right for Me?

Finding the right bag isn’t always as easy as going for the model with the highest rating. In fact, you’ll need to take some other factors into consideration, aside from the weight of the bag or how many pockets it offers. These bags feature a design that’s a blend of style and function, but they’re not without their limitations.

If you like to carry a full set of clubs with you, then this type of bag may not be for you. While it’s true that there are some models that can handle carrying a full set, the whole point of these bags is a lighter design, so if you plan on bringing a full set, then you may as well use a traditional golf bag and focus on lightening your load by leaving behind some accessories that you rarely use. If you have back problems, you’re struggling with a weight problem, and you simply can’t manage carrying a traditional golf bag from hole to hole, then these bags can be a great alternative and one that can make life on the course a lot easier.

Final Thoughts

The best Sunday golf bag should be lightweight, durable, and able to carry all the gear you need for a relaxing game of golf. These bags are a great alternative to a standard-sized golf bag because they allow you to only bring along the gear and clubs you need and want. This means the bag will be significantly lighter and easier to carry around the course compared to your usual golf bag. If you’ve decided to make the switch to a walking golfer, then you’ll need to use a bag that won’t weigh you down or cause neck, shoulder, and back pain.

These bags are the perfect solution. Since more and more golfers are coming to realize that these bags are a more back-friendly alternative, many are making the switch, which is one of the reasons why the market seems to be flooded with the Sunday bag these days. Fortunately, my in-depth buyer’s guide and my list of product recommendations can help to point you in the right direction by teaching you exactly what to look for in your next model, what features you’ll need, and which products are currently crushing the market due to their durable, feature-packed designs.