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When Is the Best Time to Buy Golf Clubs: How to Save Big

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If you’re someone who plays golf every weekend and looks for every opportunity to get in a quick round, then the odds are when you shop for a set of clubs you want only the best. But if you’re a beginner, the quality of the set of clubs you buy won’t be quite as important.

A round of golf can be fun and relaxing, but there’s no question that the right clubs can cost you big time. Lower quality clubs are often reasonably priced, but considering they need to be replaced more often, the lower price often isn’t worth it. So, how can you save big on high-quality clubs? The key is knowing the best time to buy golf clubs.

The best time to buy golf clubs is during the winter months when many retailers are offering deep discounts or promos that will entice many potential buyers to purchase a new set of clubs since the price is right. We recommend shopping around for clubs during December-February, for the best deals. Additionally, if you live in a colder climate, especially one that has a long winter, you’ll find even deeper discounts during this time.

Continue reading to learn more about bargain shopping for a new set of clubs and what you can do to save some serious cash on your next set.

How You Can Afford High-Quality Golf Clubs

If you’re new to golf, then you may not realize just how expensive this sport is. Not only do you have to pay membership fees at your club, but you also have to use special shoes, buy balls, and drop hundreds of dollars on clubs. If you’re serious about golf, then you’ll also need the best golf range finder and even professional golf instruction.

As you can see, the cost of this sport can quickly add up, especially if you’re someone who gets excited when a new type of hybrid club is produced.

A set up new golf clubs on a beautiful golf course

As we mentioned, knowing the right time of year to purchase a new set of golf clubs is crucial, if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars in one shot.


During the winter months, you probably won’t find many golfers on the course, unless you’re lucky enough to live in a climate that’s warm all year round.

Many seasoned golfers know that the best time of year to purchase golf clubs is during the winter months, especially right around the holiday season. While the price of clubs doesn’t exactly go down during this time of year, the club member discounts and sales are what can really help with pricing.

If you live in a colder climate, then no one is even considering playing a round of golf this time of year, so your odds of finding a good deal on a new set of clubs will be very promising. More deals will begin to pop up closer to spring.


In early April, most golf clubs are preparing for the upcoming season. However, during this time many retailers expect an increase in demand and often won’t budge when it comes to lowering the price on the latest models of golf clubs. However, you can score big if you purchase older sets. If you don’t have to use the latest clubs to hit the market, then you can definitely save big on clubs that were released over the past two seasons.


Father’s day can actually be a great opportunity to save some cash on golf clubs since many major brands offer Father’s Day sales during this time, reducing even the latest sets by ten to twenty percent.


Since the golf season usually runs from April to October, buying clubs in the fall can be a great idea since there’s a steep decline in sales during this time. With the decrease in demand, some brands will offer promotions at this time in order to get rid of old inventory. There will also be Cyber Monday sales and Black Friday sales during this time, so keep an eye out for great deals.

Save Money on Your New Set of Clubs

Before you even visit a local golf pro shop, do your research. If you’re new to golf, then you need to learn which brands produce top of the line clubs and which ones to steer clear of. You can’t know if you’re paying a good price or not if you’re not familiar with how much a particular set of clubs normally costs. Don’t let a salesperson talk your ear off and convince you that the clubs you’re getting are a steal. Instead, compare prices across a variety of brands and retailers. Find a few sets that you’re interested in and then try the clubs out in person. You can buy your clubs from a local retailer, however, they’re often available at a lower price if you buy online.

Know that buying golf clubs isn’t exactly a cheap investment. Comparison shopping will give you a good idea of the price range for each set.

Keep in mind that the price tag doesn’t always indicate value.

Secondhand Clubs

If you can’t afford a new set of clubs, then there’s nothing wrong with buying a used set. Another option is to buy them on consignment.

Many stores these days also allow you to trade in your old clubs to offset the price of new clubs. There are many options available if you’re determined to upgrade your clubs for the upcoming season but you don’t have the budget to buy the best clubs outright.

Before You Buy Golf Clubs

Golf Wood with a Golf Ball and Golf Tee

Before you buy a new set of golf goals, decide on your playing goals. If you’ve recently decided to take up golf, how often do you plan on playing?  If you’re only going to play once or twice a year when a friend is in town, then you don’t need to spend a lot of money on the latest set. If you’re an avid golf player and hit the course every week and the golf range every day, then paying more for a set of clubs that will last is actually a smart decision.

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How Can I Afford New Golf Clubs?

If you’re on a tight budget, then it may not be possible to drop hundreds of dollars on the latest set of golf clubs. As we discussed earlier, you can find a retailer that allows you to purchase your clubs on consignment, or you can purchase secondhand clubs. Another option is purchasing your clubs using a credit card or finding a pro shop that offers financing, which many retailers now do. Buying clubs is a serious investment and one that can cost big. If you’re serious about your golfing gear and insist on using only the best, then financing or a credit card purchase may be your best bet.

When is the Best Time to Buy A Golf Range Finder?

The right time of year to purchase a golf range finder is similar to that of golf club sets, which means you should start seeing more deals for these devices during the winter months. However, since golf range finders are so popular these days it’s also possible to find an accurate, powerful model available at a reasonable price, all year round. The market is literally flooded with new models of range finders, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a model that works for your budget. We recommend the Saybien TR500 Waterproof Golf Rangefinder. This lower-priced model features a waterproof design, intuitive controls, and has a high accuracy rating that’s nothing short of impressive for a model in this price range.

Can I Use My Golf Cart Off the Course?

Golf cart use and legality can vary from state to state. Some states will allow users fourteen years of age and up to legally drive around in a golf cart in the streets, while others will not. If you’re considering investing in your own golf cart and want to know when and where you can use it, then click here to read our article on golf cart laws. Our article will cover many of the basic laws that surround golf cart use while discussing what you can do to make your golf cart street legal.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that the best time to buy golf clubs is during the winter months, typically from December to February. During this time, you’ll notice promotions popping up for the holiday season. Additionally, you can also take advantage of serious deals thanks to cyber sales and Black Friday sales. If you keep your eyes open, you’re sure to find some killer deals during this time. Just remember, familiarize yourself with the top brands, the best sets on the market, and comparison shop so you can learn more about a set’s regular price in order to determine exactly what type of deal you can get and whether or not it’s a good one.