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Best Winter Golf Shoes for 2023: Complete Buyer’s Guide

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Playing golf when it’s windy, rainy, and freezing out can make it almost impossible to play a round the way you normally would in perfect weather conditions. However, the right footwear can have a major positive impact on your performance during the winter months.

The best winter golf shoes can really be worn year-round, if you choose a pair that is both waterproof and breathable. Although, finding the perfect balance can be a challenge. If you’re specifically looking for a pair that can handle wet weather and colder temperatures, then this guide will be invaluable.

I’ve put together a buyer’s guide that includes all of the features you’ll want to pay attention to when you’re shopping for golf shoes for winter use. I’ve also tested out several pairs, narrowing my choices down to six pairs of winter golf shoes that can keep your feet warm and comfortable all day long.

Below, you’ll find a comparison chart that includes each of these models, their top features, and how they rated.

Winter Golf Shoes Comparison Chart

Adidas Men's Climaproof BOA Golf Shoe
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Skechers Torque Brogan Winter Golf Boots
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Skechers Men's Mojo Golf Shoes
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New Balance Minimus Golf Shoe
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Callaway Balboa TRX Golf Shoe
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Skechers GO GOLF Pro 4 Golf Shoe
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Adidas Men’s Climaproof BOA Golf Shoe

Our Rating: (5/5)

These winter golf shoes by Adidas have a boot style cut, complete with a rubber sole that features a thick tread. The mid-cut, modern athletic design features a soft tongue and collar designed for improved wearer comfort. The foam midsole provides shock absorption, top of the line comfort and cushioning, and offers excellent energy return. The uppers are made out of lightweight microfiber leather, complete with Climaproof hydro protection against water. The shoe’s fit foam sock liner provides additional comfort and support, preventing soreness and tension in the arch area. These shoes may look heavy, but they’re surprisingly light and about as durable as you’d expect. The shoes will be a welcome addition during the fall and winter months and will be a true lifesaver on wet terrain and in freezing temperatures.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Full length foam midsole
  • Fit foam sock liner


  • One color available
  • Shoes run a size small


Keep in mind, these shoes run a size small, so you’ll want to order a size larger than what you normally wear, otherwise, your feet will feel cramped. Like most shoes, you can also expect some stiffness and a snug fit until the shoes have been properly broken in.

While these golf shoes look heavy, they’re surprisingly light. Made out of leather and a combination of synthetic materials, these shoes are very supportive, equipped with padding throughout and feature lightweight, soft uppers that are waterproof and designed to keep the wearer’s feet warm and dry.

Skechers Men’s Torque Brogan Winter Golf Boots

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

These shoes by Skechers feature a relaxed fit design, complete with a rubber sole and a responsive and lightweight Ultra Flight midsole. The uppers are made out of a soft leather, so the boots are soft and pliable, right from the start. Additionally, the uppers are equipped with mesh panels designed to improve breathability and wearer comfort. The molded rubber grip bottom plate provides shock absorption and improved traction on wet or icy terrain. The shoes also come with the patented Skechers Resamax insole, which provides high-rebound cushioning. For added security and stability, the upper Velcro strap secures the boots at the ankle, keeping water out. On the bottom of the shoes you’ll find soft spikes for maximum grip. These spikes are also replaceable. Additionally, the shoes are covered by H2GO two-year waterproof protection.


  • Two-year waterproof protection
  • Replaceable soft spikes
  • Molded rubber grip bottom plate
  • Lightweight midsole


  • The shoes lack a quick lace system


Breathable, waterproof, and heavily padded, these shoes by Skechers are supportive, provide all day comfort, and are designed to provide ultimate waterproof protection for two years. Because of the breathable design, these boots can be worn year-round, but are the perfect choice for winter and fall games, in colder temperatures.

Skechers Men’s Mojo Waterproof Golf Shoe

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The Mojo golf shoes by Skechers are made out of 100% leather. They’re also fully waterproof and come equipped with a rubber sole and Grip Flex spikeless outsole. The shoe’s lightweight design combined with the responsive Ultra Flight cushioning promote all-day comfort. The outsole, while spiked, still provides superior flexibility and traction, making these shoes a must-have in wet weather conditions. The support saddle provides both midfoot and lateral stability and support, helping to minimize foot tension and fatigue. Basically, if you normally find yourself on the course playing a round or two of golf every weekend, and you often walk the course, then these are golf shoes you can really rely on to keep your feet protected from moisture, while allowing you to play every hole in total comfort.


  • Lightweight
  • Ultra Flight cushioning
  • Fully waterproof
  • Made out of 100% leather


  • Can cause excessive sweating


These shoes are all about style, comfort, and protection. Of course, if you live in a part of the country that experiences mild winters, then these shoes may not be for you, since they’re designed to handle colder temperatures. The 100% leather design, combined with the H2GO waterproof protection does not make these the most breathable golf shoes on the market, so if you live in a warmer climate, you’ll be better off going with a shoe that is made out of a combination of leather and synthetic materials. However, those who brave the course in challenging winter conditions, rainy weather, and freezing temperatures, will not want to hit the course without these waterproof, durable golf shoes that offer the best in style, waterproofing, and comfort.

New Balance Men’s Minimus Comfort Golf Shoe

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

These New Balance shoes are made out of synthetic materials, complete with a thick rubber sole. The waterproof uppers will prevent moisture from seeping in, when you’re playing in wet weather conditions. The midsole provides top of the line responsiveness and lightweight cushioning, while the spikeless rubber outsole is very supportive and flexible, promoting wearer comfort. These shoes are also covered by a two-year waterproof warranty, so buyers can rest assured they’ll enjoy full waterproof protection for two seasons.


  • Spikeless rubber outsole
  • Made out of synthetic material
  • Breathable
  • Two-year waterproof warranty


  • Shoes are very narrow


These golf shoes feature the NDurance rubber outsole, that consists of a rubber compound that’s designed for maximum durability. The insole is made out of polyurethane, which will wick moisture away, keeping the feet cool and dry during a round. The shoes are designed to provide a more natural fit and feel, preventing rain and moisture from getting in, yet allowing moisture to escape, so your feet will stay dry all day long. The shoes are lightweight, durable, feature a spikeless, flexible sole, and they’re a great choice for the avid golfer who spends several hours on the course every weekend.

Callaway Men’s Balboa TRX Golf Shoe

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

These shoes from Callaway feature waterproof Opti-Repel microfiber leather uppers, a five-millimeter thick EVA sock liner, and ventilation panels on the sides, so the shoes will keep rain and moisture out, while allowing sweat to escape. This type of waterproof, breathable design offers the best of both worlds. The shoes are mainly made out of microfiber polyester, combined with leather and polyurethane. The Dura-rubber outsole offers maximum stability, so you’ll enjoy improved traction and better control over your footing. The waterproofing technology consists of water-resistant microfiber leather that works by creating a barrier against moisture, allowing the shoes to handle light to moderate rainfall and preventing moisture from finding its way in. The shoes are also flexible, lightweight, and feature the patented Opti-Vent mesh liner which manages heat by allowing air to flow in and out.


  • Mesh liner
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Waterproof design
  • Lightweight


  • Cannot handle heavy rainfall or submersion


This Callaway men’s golf shoes look like your traditional golf shoes, but they offer superior waterproof protection, a breathable design, and a comfortable fit. These shoes can handle year-round use but are at their best in colder temperatures and wet weather conditions. If you’ve purchased Callaway products before, then you know these shoes will provide exactly the features you need to perform better on the course.

Skechers GO GOLF Men’s Pro 4 Golf Shoe

Our Rating: (4/5)

These Go Golf shoes by Skechers are made out of leather and textiles and feature a thick rubber sole and replaceable soft spikes. The shoes are waterproof, so they’re a great choice during the fall and winter months. The outsole features a diamond design for ultimate traction and maximum grip. The heel lock feature is designed to improve stability and provides a more secure fit. The shoes themselves are very light and feature the patented Skechers Ultra Flight cushioning that’s very supportive and helps to minimize tension and discomfort, even if you find yourself out on the course for several hours at a time. These shoes are so supportive and comfortable that they make a great choice for the player who prefers to walk the course.


  • Lightweight
  • Supportive
  • Soft spikes
  • Made out of leather and textiles


  • Soles are not very flexible


The shoe’s waterproof design comes with the H2GO Shield waterproof protection. The shoes are designed to keep your feet nice and dry thanks to the full gusseted tongue that works to prevent rain and moisture from running down your pants and into your shoe. The gussets also keep the tongue in place during use. The heel lock feature promotes improved security and stability, preventing the shoe from slipping off the heel or moving around as you walk, while the soft spike design is gentle on the turf, but provides ultimate traction. These shoes are a great buy for the golfer who loves to walk the course, or any player who is in search of waterproof shoes for the winter that are both comfortable and supportive.

Winter Golf Shoes Buyer’s Guide

The right pair of golf shoes for winter use should be able to handle wet conditions and should offer excellent waterproofing, since rain will be inevitable during the winter months. Additionally, wet terrain will also require shoes that offer a higher level of grip-ability and stability since the ground can be very slippery. The course may also have challenging terrain during the winter months, such as mud and bunkers that are difficult to get out of. Of course, a lack of stability and grip can have an impact on your confidence when you’re practicing your swing and trying to gain more distance.

When you’re shopping for golf shoes for winter use, you’ll want to ensure that the shoes can provide strong footing in slippery and icy conditions in the form of better traction. Cushioning, weatherproofing, and durability will also be important.

Heat Retention

Golf shoes that are designed for winter use are usually thicker than the average pair of golf shoes. This will help to keep the feet warm and dry, allowing the player to enjoy a round of golf in total comfort.


Winter golf shoes also tend to have larger spikes on the soles compared to traditional golf shoes. The spikes are designed to help you dig into the terrain, which will allow you to keep your footing in wet and icy conditions. The sole of the shoe is the first factor you’ll want to consider when you’re shopping for winter wear. Like with any type of shoe, the sole is what takes most of the wear and tear when you move. It’s also responsible for helping you to keep your footing. Some golfers will prefer shoes that come equipped with a classic sole. This type of sole incorporates cleat-like spikes because they allow for a better grip. However, most modern pairs of golf shoes feature a spikeless design. This design helps the golfer to maintain their footing without the need for spikes, which some golfers find cumbersome. Yet, on wet terrain, spikes can be an asset and one of the only ways you can avoid slipping on wet terrain constantly.

Spikeless shoes are more comfortable to wear than spiked shoes because the soles are more flexible and the shoes themselves are much lighter. The newest spikeless shoes on the market look very similar to basic athletic shoes. While a spikeless design can make for a more comfortable shoe, they won’t provide the type of traction you need during the winter months. Be sure to check out a club’s golf dress code before purchasing a pair with spikes, since some clubs have banned spiked shoes because it’s so tough on the turf.


The type of material the shoes are made out of should also be taken into consideration. These shoes are made out of traditional materials such as polyester, and heavier, thicker material such as Gore-Tex. Each type of material offers its own benefits during the winter months.


Gore-Tex will offer the best protection against water making its way inside the shoe, however, this type of material can also cause the feet to sweat excessively. This material is much thicker compared to other types of materials used to make the latest golf shoes, which is why most golf shoes designed for winter use feature a combination of Gore-Tex and polyester. This combination offers great insulation, in addition to a reasonable amount of durability and sturdiness. While it’s thick, it also allows for a fair amount of airflow, so your feet won’t feel too stuffy during the winter months. However, shoes that are made out of Gore-Tex should not be worn in hotter climates since the material is not breathable enough to handle hotter temperatures. One of the biggest benefits of Gore-Tex is its fully waterproof design. If you’re heading out for a round of golf on a rainy day, then you’ll definitely want to wear shoes that are made out of this material.


This type of material is primarily used in shoes that are designed for summer wear. However, it’s also an important material that’s often found in golf shoes that are designed for winter use. Yet, it’s not often used as the main material. Instead, you’ll find that the lining in most winter golf shoes is made out of polyester, since this material is very light and does an excellent job of protecting the feet. The downside is that it’s not nearly as durable as Gore-Tex.

Types of Winter Golf Shoes

Like with any type of footwear, you’ll find that golf shoes designed for winter use are available in a variety of shapes and sizes designed to suit the needs of the golfer.

Traditional Golf Shoes

Created in the same style as traditional golf shoes, these classic shoes come with a higher level of protection from the elements and often include a design that includes Gore-Tex material. So, while these shoes may look like your standard pair of golf shoes, they actually offer the ultimate waterproof design.


Yes, there are golf boots available. Some golfers love them for winter use and others hate them. They offer a great level of ankle support and can protect the feet from the elements during the winter months. Additionally, they’re also very warm and many are fully waterproof. However, some golfers find them extremely uncomfortable claiming it can have a negative impact on their golf swing. So, at the very least you can expect an adjustment period, and a break in period, if you decide to go this route.

Many golfers often opt for a traditional golf shoe in the winter, since these shoes are lighter and offer better breathability. Unfortunately, a basic golf shoe isn’t suited to handle the elements and will not keep your feet warm and dry. Because of this, shoes that are more boot-like in appearance and functionality can be a better choice. While these boots are much heavier, they offer better insulation and are designed to keep the feet warm and can withstand moisture. They also come equipped with thick rubber treads that will prevent the golfer from slipping on wet terrain.


Comfort is also important. If you’re not comfortable while you play, then you can’t expect to improve your golf swing or lower your score. In order for these shoes to provide a comfortable fit, the shoe needs to fit the toe box well, so the toes won’t feel cramped. The right shoes will easily fit your foot. Shoes that are narrow are a good choice for golfers with narrow feet, but if your feet are wide, then you’ll need to pay close attention to the toe box design to ensure your toes will not be cramped or squished together.

While crucial, sizing is only part of the equation. Some manufacturers have a reputation for producing narrow shoes and wider ones. Some shoes may run a size small, while others may run a size large. Searching out this type of information will ensure you purchase shoes that offer the right fit, especially if you’re ordering your shoes online.

So, what makes winter shoes uncomfortable or more comfortable? The materials the shoes are made out of will have a major impact on the shoe’s performance and comfort level.


Some manufacturers are experimenting with polyurethane for the midsoles. The midsole is one of the most important elements for producing a more comfortable shoe. This material is flexible and durable. It provides a spring in the midsole due to its flexibility.

Until recently, EVA was the most commonly used material. This material is lightweight and provides the type of bounce and cushioning that makes for a more comfortable and durable shoe.


In the past, there were only a few choices for golf shoe uppers:

  • Brown leather
  • White leather
  • Black leather

These days, modern shoes come equipped with synthetic materials that offer more flex in the uppers, in places that require more stability and flexibility. However, while leather is still the most commonly used material, modern shoes now utilize techniques such as tumbling, which makes the leather more pliable and softer. In the past, synthetic materials meant cheap shoes that were stiff and uncomfortable to wear. These days, modern lightweight materials now allow manufacturers to produce shoes that consist of thin mesh uppers that are waterproof and breathable.


Now, manufacturers have begun to use advanced polymers in innovative ways to produce top of the line outsoles. These outsoles are designed with flexibility and durability in mind and provide substantial support.

Small traction lugs seem to be here to stay. But manufacturers are also now utilizing these nubs on spiked shoes as well because they allow for more strategic spike placement.

Waterproof Design

Shoes designed for winter use need to offer some level of protection against moisture. Choose shoes that are made out of waterproof material since it will ensure that your feet stay nice and dry, even if you’re playing on a rainy day or on a wet course that is riddled with puddles. Wet shoes can cause the feet to slide and will significantly reduce the golfer’s stability, which is the worst thing for the golfer’s swing. Manufacturers have achieved a level of waterproofness through different means. While leather is very porous and not waterproof by any means, they can be made waterproof with the use of protective coating. Shoes that offer the best waterproof technology will keep the feet dry in the event of a downpour. This will be crucial to your golf game, since the more comfortable you are, the better you’ll play. Playing in wet socks and shoes will take your focus off the game, which can have a terrible impact on your score and your playing goals.

However, something to consider when you’re shopping for shoes for winter use is their breathability. Shoes with the highest level of waterproof protection are not the most breathable. Buying shoes made out of Gore-Tex will be your best bet if you’re looking for shoes that offer somewhat of a balance between waterproof protection and breathability.

Final Thoughts

If you brave freezing temperatures, high winds, and rainy conditions, there’s no doubt that you’re a dedicated player. But during times like these, you need every advantage you can get.

Playing golf in the winter isn’t for everyone, especially if you’re learning how to reduce the backspin on your drive, while playing in freezing temperatures. If you only find yourself playing a few rounds of golf each winter, then investing in a pair of dedicated winter golf shoes may not be the best choice for you. However, if you still love to play a round of golf every weekend and even rainy weather or freezing temperatures can’t keep you away from the course during the off-season, then purchasing a pair of the best winter golf shoes can be a total game changer, and one that will allow you to play and enjoy your beloved game, all year long.