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Bozily Laser Golf Range Finder Review

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For the price, you’ll be surprised at the features this golf range finder by Bozily has to offer, ranging from the high def camera to the nine hundred yard range distance. This model also comes loaded with some great mode options designed to improve accuracy and user experience. It’s not quite as flashy as the tech-heavy models you’ll find online that are going for twice the price, but what it does it does well. This is a model that provides important data that can help to boost your golf performance and lower your score. What more could you want from a range finder?

Our Verdict: This is a compact, ergonomically designed golf range finder produced by Bozily, a lesser known brand. However, Bozily knows how to design an accurate range finder that comes loaded with important features, and all without hiking the price up. The range finder comes with four modes, a flag locking feature, a large LCD display screen, top of the line optics, and above average range capabilities. This model is a great buy for both the beginner and serious golfer.

Read on to find out if this low-priced range finder really has what it takes to lower that score, improve your swing, and take your game to the next level.

Overview and Features

Do you know how much distance you get from your six iron? Are you guessing or do you know? This range finder is not only a type of yardage tool, it’s actually a device that specializes in collecting data. After you use it for a week or two, you’ll be able to identify which clubs you can get the most distance with and which ones you can’t. It will also clue you into whether you’re getting the right amount of power from your swing not, and what you need to do to work on it in order to lower your score. Basically, this model is a tool you can use to improve your golf game, not just a device that will tell you how far away the next hole is.

Bozily Laser Golf Range Finder

Product Rating: (4.5/5)

  • If pace of play is a concern for you, then you’ll love how fast this model is
  • Affordable
  • Four scan modes
  • Flag lock
  • Large vivid LCD display

Using this model on the course will also give you the confidence you need, especially if you’re playing with more experienced golfers. This device basically eliminates any uncertainty you may have regarding the distance to the next hole. Once you know this information you can choose your club wisely.

It will also come in handy if you’re playing on a new course and don’t know how far away the bunker is, whether you can carry it on your fairway, or you have no idea how far away the nearest water hazard is. Basically, this is a tool that can leave you feeling more prepared on any course.

This range finder will show you that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars in order to get a model that’s accurate, reliable and powerful. The high-definition camera features a seven-degree field angle and 6x magnification. The large LCD digital display allows you to easily view distance readings with ease, even in low and bright light conditions.

Scan Modes

As we mentioned, this range finder comes with a total of four modes:

  • General
  • Slope and angle
  • Horizontal and vertical
  • Speed

The general mode is the standard mode you’ll find on every range finder. It will display the basic angle and distance measurements. The second mode will provide information regarding the slope adjusted distance from you to the target. The third mode measures horizontal and vertical distances. Speed mode is the fourth mode and it can give you a clear reading regarding speed range.


Featuring a water-resistant design, you can use this range finder in mist and light rainfall, however, it should never be used during a downpour.


The ergonomic, compact design makes it highly portable since it can easily fit in your golf bag or in a pocket. The rugged plastic and rubber design add to its durability and provides much-needed protection in the event the range finder is dropped. However, despite its durable design, you should always store the range finder in the included carrying case during transport or when it’s not in use.

Range and Accuracy

This model boasts a nine hundred yard range. In terms of accuracy, most users can agree that the range finder works well within the listed range limit, but cannot accurately provide a distance reading beyond nine hundred yards. However, during a golf game, a range of five hundred yards is more than sufficient.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The manufacturer currently offers a thirty-day return policy if you’re unsatisfied with the range finder’s performance.


With purchase, you’ll get a one-year product warranty, in addition to lifetime customer support.

Flag Lock

This feature will alert you once the device has successfully locked onto a target. This means you’ll spend less time repeatedly ranging the same target, an issue that’s common with those new to range finder use. But just like other range finders, your hands must be steady when using this feature in order to prevent the range finder from locking onto the wrong target.



This is a range finder that can help you tighten up your strokes. It’s a model that easily outperforms competing range finders, due to its reputation for ease of use, accuracy, and range capabilities. The 6x magnification combined with high-quality optics will allow you to easily lock onto a target, regardless of the lighting condition. The included four modes will help you to quickly and effortlessly analyze the course ahead. When placed in the general mode, you can work out the distance and angles to the next hole, while the other models will provide important data regarding speed, vertical and horizontal measurements, and slope. This type of accuracy can be invaluable to both the beginner and experienced golfer.

One of the best things about this model is how fast it reacts. Users will get a distance reading within a few seconds. This will allow you to move quickly from hole to hole.


  • If pace of play is a concern for you, then you’ll love how fast this model is
  • Affordable
  • Four scan modes
  • Flag lock
  • Large vivid LCD display


  • Shaky hands can make using the flag mode difficult

Related Questions

Can the Slope Mode Be Switched Off?

Yes. If you need to shut the slope mode off in order to make this device tournament legal, simply shut off the slope mode and place the range finder in general mode. Slope mode is not allowed in most competitions because it gives the user an edge over players who don’t use range finders. Keep in mind that there are some golf clubs that do not allow range finder use at all during a competition. If you’re purchasing a range finder specifically for an upcoming competition, make sure you read the club’s rules carefully before you buy. Read our article on golf rules made easy to learn more.

Is there Such a thing as a Waterproof Range Finder?

Yes. Unfortunately, this model is water-resistant, not waterproof and there is a significant difference between these two types of protection. Range finders that are waterproof, like the TecTecTec ULT-X Golf Rangefinder have a fully sealed design that protects the internal components from water damage. This Bozily model is only water resistant, which means it shouldn’t be used in moderate to heavy downpours otherwise you’ll risk damaging it.

How Can Using a Range Finder Lower My Score?

The right golf range finder can help you to make better decisions, which can result in a lower score. From obtaining data over a period of weeks using your range finder, you’ll have a much better idea of exactly how far you can hit with each club you use. You’ll also know the exact distance to out of bounds areas, bunkers, hazards, and more.

If you’re trying to desperately lower your score, then knowing your yardage is very important. These devices can help save you one to three shots each round, since you will no longer have to guess the distance with every shot. There are so many range finders to choose from on the market these days that it can be difficult to find a model that will work with your skill level and playing goals. But with the best golf range finder, one that’s accurate, intuitive, and easy to use, you can expect to see your score lower in a matter of weeks.

Conclusion and Rating

Product Rating: (4.5/5)

Bozily may not have the same type of reputation as some of the major golf range finder manufacturers, but its low-priced line of golf range finders shows us that we can expect great things from their product line in the future.

Their latest model is perfect for beginners and seasoned golfers on a budget. It’s highly accurate, provides faster distance readings, and comes  with four modes that are designed to improve user experience. It may not come with a one thousand yard range like some higher priced models do, but in the game of golf, that’s just overkill. Overall, this compact, durable golf range finder comes loaded with the type of features the beginner needs and the experienced golfer will appreciate. We gave this model a rating of four and a half out of five stars.