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Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Individual Iron Review

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Callaway Big Bertha

The Big Bertha individual iron from Callaway is a club most players are familiar with. When a golfer thinks of this club, they associate it with maximum distance and shot precision. It’s one of those rare clubs that can turn even a mediocre player into a mid-handicapper. But why? What makes this club so special and why does it seem that it’s always sold out? Let’s find out.

Our Verdict: The Big Bertha iron is one of the best clubs on the market. It comes loaded with the latest in club technology and provides maximum forgiveness while improving a player’s speed and distance. It will feel good in your hands and can lessen the effects of poor contact with the ball. This is a great club to add to your collection and one that can instantly improve your performance out on the green.

Overview and Features

These days, there are so many different types of irons on the market to choose from. However, finding the best iron to match your playing style and skill level isn’t exactly easy. Enter Callaway. This company is known for their top of the line irons. Way back in 1991 they came out with the Big Bertha line. Since then, this series has undergone an extensive redesign, changing club tech for the better and offering a club that other irons simply can’t compete with.

If you’re looking for a new iron that features the perfect blend of characteristics designed to improve your speed and distance, then this is one club that can deliver. The club offers the perfect combination of a crisp sound and a softer feel, with its impressively long but forgiving design that can take your swing to the next level and beyond.

The main goal of this club is to get the weight of the iron back and low in order to launch the ball higher. The innovative clubface design is said to give players the distance, speed, and launch they need to improve their overall performance. With the inclusion of the suspended energy core, you’ll find that you’re making contact like never before.

Callaway Men's Big Bertha Individual Iron

Our Rating: (5/5)

Callaway Big Bertha

  • Maximum club forgiveness
  • 360 face cup design
  • Improved speed and distance
  • Lightweight
  • Graphite and metal design
  • Suspended energy core


Most beginners and high handicappers don’t realize that a club can make all the difference in ball trajectory, swing speed, and performance. This is one club that can a major impact on how well you play the game. While it does come with a steep price tag compared to other competing clubs, its solid performance, quality construction, and overall quality gives mid and high-handicappers every reason to buy.

The way a club feels and sounds upon impact can affect how you play, your confidence, and can give you the kind of feedback you need to learn where you’re going wrong and how you should adjust your swing to improve quality and power. This model features a unique design that has both mid and high-handicappers in mind. But it’s not one of those irons that are obviously designed for beginners. Instead, while the design is somewhat bulky, this club is pretty impressive out on the green and has a pro look all the way. This eye-catching club will allow you to easily practice your golf chipping techniques, stance, and swing power, and you’ll look good while you’re doing it.

Weight Distribution

During the manufacturing process, weight is placed at the bottom of the clubface cavity. Next, urethane microsphere material is injected around the tungsten in liquid form, then left to harden. This process will hold the tungsten in place. The urethane microsphere material has been used in other clubs by this manufacturer and consists of glass spheres of air. It works to dampen unwanted vibrations to improve club feel and the sound upon impact. At address, the club has a larger profile, however, it’s not quite as chunky as some competing models, and it won’t scream “beginner”.


The club’s suspended energy core offers hitting consistency, longer distance, an easy launch every time, and an incredible feel. The core’s suspended floating weight will allow the club’s center of gravity to be positioned much deeper, due to the three-piece construction, so now, a higher launch has been created, which will allow for a faster, thinner, face cup design. This combination will promote launch conditions that are distance-enhancing, making it much easier to hit with your iron.

360 Face Cup Technology

big bertha

The manufacturer is known for its innovative club designs, which is why it comes as no surprise that their top-selling iron is equipped with the latest in club technology.

The club’s faster speed is due to the 360 face cup, which wraps around the front of the clubhead. This will increase the speed of the ball with low strikes. The face cup uses a flexible, shallow rim along the edges of in order to generate more speed.


This lighter graphite club helps the player with the slower swing speed to increase clubhead speed, allowing them to get the most out of the club’s design.

Club Forgiveness

When the term forgiveness is used, it refers to the design and construction elements in the club that help to minimize the effects of poor contact or a bad swing. With this model, you’ll be more likely to have a much better swing thanks to its maximum forgiveness. As a beginner or just a high-handicapper, you need a club that offers the most forgiveness and one that can actually help you to become a better player. Hitting and catching air with this club couldn’t be easier. If you need to improve your distance, then this club can also help.

Moment of Twisting

This club is designed with maximum moment of twisting, which means it’s very resistant to twisting upon impact. The higher the moment of twisting a club offers, the better.


The iron’s hosel has a lower and upper cog, allowing for a total of eight different tuning settings.


This model is made out of steel and graphite, which makes it a top-quality club. The longer shaft of the club is very impressive, with a clubhead that looks nothing short of outstanding. The sole design is progressive and advanced. It features a premium design that will make each swing feel solid. Despite its metal and graphite design, it’s still very light, with the weight placed where it matters the most.

How it Swings

If you’re familiar with this club, then you know it offers a smooth, true swinging experience that can almost instantly improve your contact with the ball and your shot precision.

The club is known for its serious distance and easy launch. But the term “easy launch” may be an understatement. With the club’s suspended energy core positioned low and across the clubface, each swing you take with the club will easily get your ball high into the air. Even the high handicapper will have a much easier time catching air and going the distance.

In terms of distance itself, this club’s 360 face cup design, which wraps around the edges of the clubface, works to create the type of flex you need in order to instantly increase ball speed. This model isn’t quite as long as other irons in Callaway’s top irons list, but those longer lofts are nowhere near as strong.

The strong carry distance combined with the higher launch will result in solid hits every time. This is the club you’re looking for if you need more help on the green.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Offer the latest in clubhead technology
  • Improves speed and distance
  • Lightweight design
  • Offers maximum forgiveness
  • Eight hosel tuning options
  • Improves shot consistency


  • The Price

Big Bertha Versus Cobra Golf Men’s King Utility One Length Iron

Big Bertha’s top competitor is the Cobra Golf King Utility One. This club features a one length set markup that’s been redesigned to match the length and weight of a seven iron in order to improve shot consistency and club forgiveness. It also comes equipped with Power Shell Face Technology, which delivers a strong, thinner, cup face. The innovative sole design helps to deliver a much larger sweet zone, making it a great choice for high-handicappers. However, even mid-handicappers will experience some noticeable improvement in their shot accuracy.

The club’s tungsten weight distribution is positioned on the toe of the club, which lowers its center of gravity, placing it behind the face for more distance and improved precision. But while this club claims it can instantly improve your score and hitting experience, it simply doesn’t measure up to the power, lightweight design, and overall feel of the Big Bertha. It’s a great buy if you’re serious about improving your score, but despite its higher price tag, it lacks the type of golf club tech that this model by Callaway offers.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (5/5)

Callaway Big BerthaWant a club that’s a total game changer? If you know how to score in golf, then you already know the right club can make all the difference. Do you need an iron that can get your ball in the air and add more power and distance to your swing? This club is the solution.

The Big Bertha is one of the best irons for a beginner and one of the hottest clubs this manufacturer has ever created. It’s loaded with the latest in club tech and offers a premium design that you won’t find in any other iron in this price bracket. It can even help the high handicapper hit their ball straight and high. This is a club that will give you the distance and speed that you need to improve your overall performance. I gave this club a rating of five out of five stars.