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Cobra Golf Men’s King Utility One Length Iron Review

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Cobra King

The King Utility by Cobra is a long iron that features a traditional hollow head, which you can commonly find on the best irons for a beginner. This type of head construction is designed to give players the same benefits of the wood head design, however, the club plays and looks just like an iron. The manufacturer claims this is a club most high handicappers will find invaluable since it can easily improve shot precision and distance. But can it really make a difference in how you play and help you shave some points off your game?

Our Verdict: The club’s design provides an extra element of consistency and forgiveness for improved accuracy in your long game. The club’s hollow body design combined with unique tungsten weight placement improves shot consistency, trajectory, distance, and speed, using just a single length configuration. This is a versatile model that’s perfect for the player in search of a long iron that can provide improved distance gapping and more consistency.

This is a club that focuses more on forgiveness and precision with a high-density tungsten weight that will deliver the same type of swing weight and head weight that you’ll get from a traditional seven-iron. The club’s shorter shaft will also give new players more confidence at address and makes longer approach shots and tee shots as easy as setting up with a reliable seven-iron. Additionally, the weight of the clubhead, the swing weight, and the shaft length all work together to deliver the right feel and improved distance. Bottom line, if you’re new to the game, you’re in need of a club that can help with speed, trajectory, and precision, and this model by Cobra offers that in spades.

Overview and Features

The use of utility clubs by players of all skill levels seems to be a growing trend. But why? To start, these types of golf clubs feature a straight face will allow the player to shape their shot, giving them more control over the trajectory. Next, this type of iron will provide higher launch conditions and more ball speed compared to outdated irons. If this type of forgiveness and playability is what you’re looking for, then this club is the perfect fit. In terms of golf technology, this club has a lot to offer.

Its design is totally hollow, which is what allows for an unsupported, thinner clubface that can lower the club’s center of gravity to improve launch conditions and increase ball speed. The clubface itself is made out of high-strength steel which is also what adds to the faster ball speed. The included PWRSHELL face technology increases the size of the sweet spot on the clubface in order to provide the player with improved distance consistently, even with strikes that are off-center. Additionally, the clubs lower center of gravity design helps to enhance stability upon impact, not to mention it helps with producing a higher launch.

The fact that it comes with a loft sleeve that will give a player the ability to make adjustments is also what makes this model so unique.

Cobra Golf Men's King Utility One Length Iron

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Cobra King

  • Excellent playability
  • Higher launch consistently
  • Improved ball trajectory
  • Lightweight design
  • Larger sweet spot
  • Consistent spin


The seventeen-four steel body rests behind the L-shaped 455 cup face made out of stainless steel. The cup face wraps around the front portion of the club and is designed to increase ball speed since it offers more flex compared to a clubface that has been welded onto the front.

Inside the clubhead, you’ll find the tungsten sole weight, which is what draws the center of gravity to the back of the club to improve forgiveness, giving it a much higher launch compared to other irons that offer the same loft. While the club does offer better than average forgiveness, the clubhead design gives it a hollow sound that won’t provide much feedback.

The fully hollow body construction delivers the right feel while lowering the center of gravity for improved distance from any angle.


The one hundred percent milled grooves and clubface provides impressively accurate grooves that are designed to deliver consistent spin across the clubface.


Like most irons for beginners, this design offers a generous width for the sole, which enables the club to slice through the green without skidding or digging.


The club’s feel from the face is better than average, offering the type of flight you would expect. When at address, the club has a somewhat chunky look to it, which isn’t surprising. However, the deep glossy black finish does a great job of masking this.

For an iron the head feels heavy. When combined with the lighter shaft, this can give you the feeling like you’re swinging a long hammer. However, this is all part of the strategy that is meant to address any type of gap issues for longer irons. The biggest drawback here is obviously the lack of feedback a player will get from the feel and sound upon impact, but for most players, this will not be a deal-breaker.

Club Face

cobra club

The clubface is forged and hollow, which means you’ll barely feel the ball on the clubface, regardless of how you hit it. The type of sound it makes it more like a muffled click, which won’t do much for new players who need more confidence on the green and club feedback. The stronger, thinner clubface, combined with the sole structure will deliver a much bigger sweet zone, to improve distance and ball speed.

One Length Design

This single length iron has been redesigned for seven-iron length and weight in order to give players a club that offers consistent distance and improved trajectory.

Tungsten Weight

The high-density tungsten weight has been positioned over the toe to lower the club’s center of gravity behind the clubface for easy-up distance and improved precision.


Just because a club features a lightweight design doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fragile and can’t handle heavy hitting.

The forged, high-strength stainless steel design works to maximize the face deflection for improved launch, distance, and ball speed. Despite its lightweight design and heavy clubface, this model is made to last and can take a beating out on the green.


If you’re having trouble making a solid connection, your balls just aren’t traveling the distance, and you need a club that can get your game where it needs to be, then you need one that’s very forgiving.

Hitting with this club is easy. This is partially due to the length, however, it also has a lot to do with the hollow clubhead design. While you won’t get much feedback, the larger head can easily mitigate any issues that are created by poor strikes. Many beginners make the mistake of fat and heavy shots. But since the interaction with the green is minimal with this club, you’ll notice a big improvement over your other irons.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Excellent forgiveness
  • Improved distance
  • Nice spin
  • Tight dispersion
  • Increased ball speed
  • One length design


  • Weak sound due to the hollow clubhead design

Cobra Golf Versus RAM Golf EZ3 Men’s Iron Set 5-6-7-8-9-PW

So how does this club stand up to a set of irons by Ram Golf? Obviously, with a full set of irons you’ll have more options to hit with, but none of these clubs are designed with the beginner in mind like the iron by Cobra. In fact, these clubs are nowhere as near forgiving and feature the standard iron design that mid and low handicappers often rely on, but if you’re new to the game of golf, you need a trusty iron that you can depend on to improve your distance, ball speed, and trajectory.

While this Cobra club definitely delivers, this set by Ram doesn’t include the type of golf tech that’s incorporated into clubs that can instantly help to shave some points off your game. While the quality of the set of irons is top-notch, the set itself isn’t specifically designed for the high-handicapper that needs some extra help to improve their long game.

However, if you’re looking for a new set of irons to replace your old beat up clubs, this set by Ram is a definite upgrade. It consists of a six-club set that comes with a free hybrid that’s designed to hit harder than even your trusty seven iron. For the price, the set is a steal, but if you’re looking for a specialty club to invest in, I recommend the King Utility.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Cobra KingUsing the King Utility will give make you believe the concept that one length is a great option for inconsistent strikers. This newly redesigned club places the tungsten weight in the toe and heel of the clubhead, working to improve shot consistency even for high handicappers that are prone to mishits. The goal of this new design is to improve precision while producing a club that’s more forgiving.

This one length version matches the length and weight of the club to the length of a traditional seven-iron. The adjustments made to the angles of the club, combined with the unique tungsten weight placement will give new players the type of confidence they need to get back on the green and focus on improving their long game. I gave this club a rating of four and a half stars out of five.