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How to Hit a Punch Shot The Right Way

There are many difficult shots in golf that you’ll need to learn how to master. But choosing the right shot isn’t as easy as it may seem, especially for the beginner. For many golfers, even those with plenty of experience, learning how to hit a punch shot can be a real challenge. Playing from a spot with an object in the way of normal ball flight or playing from the trees is a pretty common situation that many players often find themselves in. However, most players don’t usually know the right move to make, what type of distance they need for a  punch shot and why it’s important to avoid gripping and ripping it. I’ll go over how you can successfully hit a punch shot that will help you cut down on strokes and what you need to do to deal with this type of tough golf shot while building your confidence, which will allow you to easily handle your shots in the future.

How to Proceed

Dealing with a low punch shot is all about learning how to visualize your golf shots before you take them. You’ll use this type of shot when there are trees in your way or any type of obstacle that can inhibit normal ball flight. The point of using this shot is to lower the ball flight in order to surpass any obstacles in the flight path. There is flexibility underneath the obstruction or trees, but there’s no way to hit a shot that’s high enough to clear it. This means you need to adjust your swing and stance in order to create a new ball flight in order to save the hole and get out of trouble.

When you deal with punch shots, you’ll need to change your golf swing and stance, depending on the type of distance you’re hoping to achieve. Of course, you need to choose the best irons for the job, but this can be situational. I’ll go more in-depth concerning which irons will work the best for this type of shot, below.

Club Options

As you can see, this type of shot is tricky which is why practicing is a must. Learning how to practice this type of shot using the proper technique can help teach you how to get out of these situations easily. In terms of the club you should use, I recommend the three and eight irons. If you need the ball to run and you have little flexibility on height, then you can use a 3-iron. If you don’t want the ball to run and you have more room to work with in terms of height, then I recommend using a club with a higher loft such as an eight. You’ll get more distance using a club with lower Loft.

How to Pull it Off

Now that you have the right plug for the job below you will find a step-by-step guide on how you can hit the shot successfully.

Begin by putting the ball in the back of your narrow stance. Open your stance which will help to take the club back on the line. This will result in consistent ball flight

Place most of your weight on the front foot and lean the shaft of the club towards your leading side, keeping your hands ahead of the ball.

As you take your swing be sure to hit the ball cleanly and avoid using a full swing. You only want to use approximately 25% of your normal swing. Making contact with the ball first is the goal here. You should end with the clubface lower to the ground.

You can try practicing the shot at the range. Obviously being successful in practice means being successful on the course. When you practice the shot at the range try experimenting with different types of clubs in order to find one that offers the type of effect and distance you want on the ball. This can also help determine the go-to club that you’ll use for different punch shot situations. You’ll want to avoid hitting a clean shot and having it go past the desired location.

Obviously, this is a shot that’s difficult to master, but once you do, it can help save plenty of holes where you would normally find yourself with an obstruction in the way or in the trees.

Saving a Hole

Many golfers can agree this is one of the most important shots that you must master at any level, especially if you’re a high handicapper. When you find yourself in trouble after hitting your tee shot off the line, the next move you make will be very important. Many golfers will tell you that they have been able to save a hole countless times because of a great punch shot out of the trees.

While the shot itself isn’t complicated, the main reason most players don’t know how to go about it is because they use the wrong technique or fail to practice it at the range.

Taking way too long of a swing is the biggest mistake golfers make with this shot. When you take too long of a swing it has a tendency to send the ball on a higher trajectory. With a punch shot, every shot should be abbreviated. It can help to think of this shot as a chip shot as opposed to a full swing.

Punch Shot Tips

Below you’ll find some great tips that will help you hit a low punch shot when you’re in trouble.

  • In order to advance several yards, you don’t have to hit the ball very hard. The most important part is making clean contact. Remember, think about your shot and only used approximately 25% of your swing.
  • For the punch shot, you want to address it like a chip shot. This means keeping your weight forward and placing your hands ahead of the ball.
  • When it comes to following through it should be abbreviated. When you finish, the clubface should be placed lower to the ground.
  • The rotation of your torso and your arms should mostly dictate the shot. Keep your lower body quiet.
  • The height of the shot will vary depending on the type of clip you choose in addition to the length of your swing. Because of this, experimentation when you’re at the range, will be crucial.
  • Most golfers recommend using anything between a 4 to and 8 iron. If you’re trying to hit a really low shot then you’ll want to go for a four and try to keep the clubface closed. If you have a lot of room to work with when it comes to height, you may want to use a seven or an eight.
  • The length of the golfer’s swing is what determines how far the ball travels, just like with wedge shots.
  • Many golfers have found that a shorter shot is better since making proper contact with the ball is crucial.
  • The shot will only be valuable if you practice it enough. It can save you a ton of strokes and it’s not very difficult execute. All you have to do is work at the range a bit in order to feel comfortable using this technique and understand the different trajectories and distances that come with using different clubs.
  • This shot really isn’t a shot at all. Instead, it’s nothing but a hard long chip. It can be hit with anything from an 8-iron to a pitching wedge, all depending on the length of the shot and whether you want it to stop quickly.

Final Thoughts

It’s going to be a lot of work, in terms of practicing this move and consistently using the same technique, but in the end, it will be worth the results.

Learning how to hit a punch shot will come in handy in many situations, and it will definitely help you save plenty of holes while shaving off some strokes. This isn’t the most complicated shot to execute. In fact, even low handicappers tend to mess this shot up, simply because they don’t practice it when they’re at the range. But with some dedication and by practicing often, you’ll be able to impress your friends with how smoothly you’re able to handle this shot each and every time.