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MAZEL Golf Individual Iron Review

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The individual iron #7 by Mazel is categorized as a traditional single length iron that measures in at thirty-seven and a half inches and is designed to maximize distance and trajectory. If you’re looking for a powerful club that can help you improve your long game, then this club is definitely worth a closer look.

Our Verdict: This is an iron you’ll find yourself relying on time and time again. The thick rubber grip not only makes the club feel comfortable in your hands, but it also improves club control. The larger clubhead and sweet spot make this model perfect for the beginner who is prone to mishits. If you’re looking for a club that can help boost swing speed and distance, then your search is over. Unlike competing models, this iron is perfect for golfers of all skill levels, but the overall design also makes it a perfect choice for beginners.

Overview and Features

Shopping around for a new iron isn’t the easiest job considering there are so many models on the market. Each manufacturer claims to produce a top of the line iron that can be a real game-changer and while in many cases this isn’t exactly true, this particular club is definitely one that can do wonders for your performance out on the green

MAZEL Golf Individual Iron for Men #7

Our Rating: (5/5)

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  • Graphite shaft
  • Larger sweet spot
  • Improves distance
  • Boosts ball speed
  • Designed with beginners in mind
  • Large clubface

How to score in golf is more than just using the proper setup. You need the right tools for the job as well. The seven iron is one of the most commonly used clubs in a set, and because of this, you want the seven iron that you use to be a tool that will really have a positive impact on your performance, whether you want to boost club speed or you’re in desperate need of adding some yards to your shots.

This club features a one-piece face, which is said to enhance precision and shot accuracy. The club’s large sweet spot makes it perfect for beginners, allowing you to hit the ball harder, higher, and farther. The club’s further back and lower center of gravity make getting the ball in the air feel effortless.


This seven iron club is equipped with a standard sized rubber grip, which is designed to promote comfort, improve club control, and reduce vibrations.

Club Head

Typically, irons with a larger clubhead are marketed directly towards beginners, but the overall quality and unique design of this iron make it appropriate for players of all skill levels.

The stainless steel club head’s large sweet spot makes the club perfect for beginners who often struggle with mishits. Offering more clubhead loft, compared to longer irons, this model offers a better striking surface on the clubhead, so it’s much easier for the golfer to control compared to longer irons.

On The Course

Typically, a golfer will choose an iron to use based on terrain type and the distance to the hole. This club is considered one of the middle irons and is a perfect choice for shots in the one hundred and forty to one hundred and seventy yard range. A beginner may struggle to reach this range, however, a more experienced player can use this club for longer shots.


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The graphite shaft is shorter compared to other types of golf clubs, however, the design can help to improve distance.  This is the perfect club for laying up near the green. For longer bump and run shots on dry, hard courses, this club can be a better choice than the eight or nine irons.


When you’re set up for a shot,  the shaft should lean forward at address with the hands placed ahead of the ball. You will need to play the ball back further in your stance than you normally would using a driver because you’ll be striking the ball before the swing has reached the lowest point, instead of just beyond the lowest point, like what you would do with a driver.

Compared to the five iron, this club has six to eight degrees more loft and approximately three to four more degrees of loft than the six iron. For most players, this particular iron can deliver ten more yards compared to a traditional five iron.

Taking a Swing

There’s nothing like taking a swing with the perfect seven iron. The club’s lightweight design allows it to cleanly and smoothly slice through the air. This club should be used for placement, not distance. Because of this, when you take a swing with this club, it requires an abbreviated follow-through, a much shorter backswing, and ¾ swing velocity.

A beginner may scoop their shots by hitting under the ball like they normally would with a wedge lob shot. But when using this club, you should strike the ball just like you would when using another type of mid-iron. This means you must use a slight descending blow close to the bottom of your swing because this type of striking angle can add a natural lift and some backspin to your shot.


This club is very versatile. It’s somewhat of a fact that beginners often don’t know exactly what the purpose of this club is. But generally speaking, most golfers will use this type of club or whatever works the best. As an example, you can use a 7 to hit under trees or other hazards. For the beginner the seven will quickly become their go-to club because it’s so comfortable to use and offers better hitting precision. This is definitely a more comfortable club to learn how to hit with and it provides both trajectory and distance when struck appropriately. A beginner can hit around a hundred yards with this club. If you found that you’re unable to get at least a hundred yards with this club then the problem may be with your setup and not the club itself.

Proper Stance

To get the most out of this club, make sure that you’re playing the ball in the middle of your feet. Additionally, you want to put more weight on your front hip during follow-through and make sure you’re transferring all of your weight on your front leg as you point your body. However, if you’re new to the game it’s perfectly fine that you’re unable to hit a hundred yards or more. This club can help you focus on becoming a better and more consistent player.

If your goal is to become more consistent with this club then make sure you slow down the backswing by at least half of what you’re currently swinging at and hold your finish for three seconds as you look down at your target line.

Can Low Handicappers Use this Club?

If you’re an advanced player then you probably have excellent distance control and you’re able to hit the ball much further at around a hundred and sixty yards. But considering this versatile club is designed for players of all skill levels it’s still a great club to use for a quick game or a fast practice session at the range. This club can still improve your striking power and precision, regardless of your skill level.

Chipping Action

Do you want to brush up on your golf chipping technique? Did you know that it can actually be beneficial to chip with your 7-iron? You can use this club for chipping when you’re just off the green around twenty yards away. In order to chip effectively with this club set up your shot and make sure you narrow your stance putting more weight on your front hip. Take a couple of steps towards your ball and place the club on its toe.

This type of stance will feel similar to what you use for a cutting stroke. Take a nice controlled swing at the ball and ensure that your weight doesn’t waver from where you initially started. Since the ball will be low to the ground there’ll be plenty of help rolling the ball onto the green and avoiding any topped shots.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Lightweight design
  • Graphite shaft
  • Improves distance
  • Larger clubface
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Improves ball speed


  • The price

Mazel Iron Versus the Callaway Iron

So, how does this seven iron stand up to the competition? The Callaway 2018 Rogue iron is one of the manufacturer’s top-selling individual clubs, but why? The club’s unique design features a variable face thickness and 360 face cup technology. This design consists of a flexible, shallow rim found around the perimeter of the clubface, which releases and flexes upon impact. The club itself focuses on increasing the user’s distance and ball speed.

The Callaway’s design is better suited to beginners who struggle with mishits, or those who need to add some yards to their shot, but it’s not the best choice for a seasoned golfer. Whereas, this Mazel iron is suitable for players of all skill levels. Additionally, the price for both of the clubs is comparable, so when choosing between the two, you’ll want to consider what areas in your game need improvement and which club can help to get you there.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (5/5)

mazel 2This Mazel iron will quickly become the club you find yourself reaching for, often. The lightweight graphite shaft, combined with the thick rubber grip makes this model comfortable to hold, while also improving your long game and club speed. While it’s larger clubhead makes it one of the best irons for a beginner, this club is a great buy for golfers of all skill levels. I gave this model a rating of five out of five stars.